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  1. American values are clearly visible, in the paintings of the former Presidents on the walls, the flags, and the American ships around the office. The dialogue revolves completely around patriotism, from the butler talking about seeing Cohan in George Washington Jr., singing about the proud, old flag, to Cohan referring to Yankee Doodle Dandy, and FDR speaking about how the Irish Americans carried their love of the country proudly. I don't think the film would have been as effective, starting with the parade, because of the importance of the dialogue by FDR. He talks about the patr
  2. I agree with the comments that the film was made to be light, and an escape from the everyday worries of the time period. I actually find it a little frivolous. One would presume, based on the title of the film, it is meant to pay tribute to Ziegfeld, but just in the clip, it feels a little superficial,and comedic. I would think that the actual rivalry between Ziegfeld and Billings would not have been as good-natured as was portrayed here. Afterall, this was also business! Anna seems very easily distracted, and a little child-like, not only with the song selected, but also in the way
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