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  1. If she had belted this song we wouldn't have been drawn into and mesmorized by Fanny in the moment. I think that the way she let us see her heart and vulnerability was breathtaking. I love this film and Barbra is always a joy to study and fall in love with her way of portraying Fanny.
  2. I am struggling to come up with a list that wouldn't just go on and on. Having said that, Camelot, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The King and I, Oklahoma......You see what I mean. Musicals transcend time and place and bring those who love them joy. I think that music just makes everything in life a little sweeter and and lot more real. Our hearts need melody and dance and something to get lost in, hence, the musical brings all that and more. I love Disney for their attention to songs and bringing young and old to the theatre to get lost in the story and
  3. Yes I would agree that the clip makes the weight of the time period disappear. Most people went to movies to escape and this would have been in that same vein. I believe that it made light of the world around them and that even money was not to be taken too seriously. The reply "yes I am tryng to lose weight" when the doorman told him he gave him a 5 pound note emphasized the frivolity of the film. The fact that Miss Held flitted back and forth in her decision to meet or not meet Florence Ziegfeld and her decision being influenced by the beauty of the orchids and not even knowing who he wa
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