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  1. I have looked both on app and on line and cannot find this e-mail address we are supposed to use to contact them
  2. I still have not received my certificate and I can't find the email address they are talking about.
  3. I tried to retake quiz 4 and it is not giving me the option to retake can this be fixed please. There is no point in saying you can do it again if you can't
  4. 1) I feel if she had belted out the song it would have taken away the meaning the song was to have by doing it the way she did it made it more emotional and sweet. 2) You can tell the 2 characters are taken with each other she is singing and he is looking on adoringly. 3) It is letting the dance and movement tell the story she is both whimsical but yet emotional giving it a stonger stance for the movie.
  5. I totally agree I would love to see a second course. There is so much to learn and 4 weeks is just not enough.
  6. 2) The emotions are very high in this scene you can tell she loves him and is frustrated because he does not show the same feelings. Cukor supports this with the emotions he is having her show in this scene. 3) at this point you see that Eliza is frustrated because she is in love and Higgins does not show this back just her reactions to everything being very dramatic.
  7. 1) I would say the most noticeable is that men do not have to be an alpha male in these movies. They can take charge but they also can take more wide ranged roles such as playing gay where as before this would not have happened. 2)I notice he is versatile and can play many different kinds of roles he pulls you into the scene with him. 3) I have not seen any other of his movies
  8. 1) It looks backwards because you have the innocense of the little girl like Shirley Temple it looks forward in the fact it is more of a look at real life instead of fantasy. 2) She barges right in and takes over the scene because everything is going to go her way or it is not going to happen. 3) They are kind of sly in the fact the words can be taken in a different way that is not as innocent as what it is appearing to be.
  9. I wanted to do the quiz again for week 3 but it is not giving me the link to retest can this be corrected please.
  10. 1) I do not believe it needs a stylized approach to the entire movie I think it looks like a very interesting film and with different themes can be entertaining. 2)He has a bounce in his step and a lot of the people around him do seem to like him. He is only unlikable when he insults the one girl but even there he has a reasoning for it.
  11. 1) To me they seem to sync up well hardly noticed a difference. 2) The professor in the beginning is smiling because he thinks they are liking what he is saying as the song begins and all the way through he is looking shocked this adds to the humor of the dancing. 3) They all seem very masculine through the whole scene. I really cannot see where they contrast against each other.
  12. 1) I feel she is slightly different because females in musicals at this time were very feminine. Her being in pants and not riding sidesaddle made he a little less ladylike. 2) She changes into many characters and her songs vary a lot making her interesting and versatile. 3) I think it adds to her persona because even though she is a tomboy she also has that bright and sunny cuteness to add to her character making her more of a lady.
  13. 1) It is like a well oiled machine each lead the others to the next bit and no one is left behind. In the earlier musicals to me it always seems like there is one standout and the rest back the person up. Here everyone is included. 2) The men are all in suits but they are not extremely dressy suits and the lady is in a fairly nice dress. No one is more outlandish or more dressy than the rest which makes the scene symetrical yo me. 3)It is a sense of fun to me because in some cases they are doing funny things to make the audience laugh like the ladder that keeps going and he is at the
  14. 1) It shows she is the dutiful wife and that she is hoping that he loves her and that she wants to comfort and take care of him. 2) I don't think it would change at all because we are dealing with devotion and love and as with a child we protect the ones we love.
  15. 1) She is trying to attract him through each scene. He will react to what she is saying such as tossing the ball or backing up and in the end sliding down the banister for her to catch him. 2) It prepares us because he is coming out of the room and she is leaning against the wall you know she will start singing at that point.
  16. 1) The first movie i saw Judy Garland in was Wizard of OZ when I was about 5 years old I watched it with my Dad. It started a life long fan appreciation of her I thought she was so beautiful and wanted to do my hair like her and copied her dancing the best I could. 2) She was so talented and could do anything she was so amazing. I wish she had stayed with us longer. 3)There are too many to name she was just the standout in any film I saw her in with her beauty and talent. She could make you cry with a song if it was a sad song and not have a care in the world when it was happy. I rea
  17. 1) Flags showing everywhere and talking about being patriotic and being in parades the pictures depicting different presidents. 2) Talking about how patriotic the Father was and would never miss a show or a parade. 3) I don't think it would have started as well with the parade because the guys talking about it opened the scene and explained what it had to do with the movie.
  18. !) i really did not see much of a battle of the sexes here because Fred led the way and Ginger followed though it did show that Ginger could be just as good as Fred. 2) Everyone is really comfortable in this movie they are well dressed and they are dancing together whereas most of the clips I have seen this week there is singing but little dance. 3) Times were changing with the depression and war looming so sometimes women had to stand up where they had not before
  19. 1) I found that he added comedy to the scene and it added to the entertainment of the film. also loved the character talking to the screen this adds to entertainment and makes the character mischivous to me. 2) I loved the sounds of the gun going off but yet nothing happens it adds comedy to this because you think the lady is dead but she was play shooting and had a whole drawer of guns. 3) They made humorous movies to cheer people up and help them escape from the depression in the country with optimism, and humor
  20. 1. They have an attraction but they are trying to fight the attraction they will look at each other in the second scene but then try not to look at each other and in the first scene they are flirty but she acts irritated but then when he sings she smiles and he tries not to show feelings for her by saying he can put any name into the song. 2. I have seen a few movies with them in school. My perception of them was great acting entertainment and singing. They always end up together in the films i saw. 3 Always a push back in the beginning of the movies they will try to avoid each other
  21. 1 Yes I do believe it does provide a brighter side than what was going on at the time with the depression and the way money was being handed out in the movie did not show this 2 They tried to make you forget the reality of what was going on at that time to help you feel cheery at least for a little bit. 3.I honestly do not see how this would have differed
  22. Grease and Wizard of OZ they are just awesome movies and in the case of Grease if down will lift you right up with the cheery music and fun dance. Wizard of OZ just enchanted since I was a child.
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