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  1. What keeps Jerry Mulligan from being completely unlikeable in a scene in which he acts pretty darn unlikeable? I feel like he always has a smile on his face and is friendly to everyone. However, when that first girl came to look at his work, he was less than appreciative of her criticism. Which is understandable. However, when the second girl came he spoke his opinion and that was appealing to that women. She appreciated his honesty.
  2. How do the pre-dance movements of O’Connor and Kelly compare to their actual dance movements? The pre-dance movements are more soothing and not as difficult but then as the song progresses it gets more intense. So the pre-dance movements set the stage for the real dance and allow it to move smoothly.
  3. Does Doris Day’s bright and sunny persona add or detract from the role of Calamity Jane in your opinion? Please defend your answer. I feel like Dorris Day had to play a different person in this movie. However, I think that her bright persona adds to the role of Calamity Jane because it makes her seem a little more like women and less like a man. Especially when she knows that she is in love with Howard Keel her sunny persona just makes it more believable that she is in love with him.
  4. As you watch the interaction between the four characters in this scene, what do you notice about the way they include each other or relate to one another? How is it different from early musicals we have discussed? The interaction between all four characters is a unique one. I say this because they play off of each other. They just use the props to have fun with the other members. They weren't individuals in this scene they were a group. This was different from early musicals because instead of using peoples strengths, they were focusing on the group as a whole.
  5. How would the song change if it was a woman singing about her child? Does the cultural meaning change? How? This song is about how she is excited to have her husband back and how much she loves her husband. If she were singing about her child I don't believe that it would change. No, I don't believe that the cultural meaning would change either. How the song would be sung would be different but no matter if it was her daughter or her husband she still would have the same feelings and the same excitement that they are alive.
  6. It’s interesting to examine how musicals segue into musical numbers. How does this sequence prepare us for the singing? It prepares us by having Frank Sinatra toss a ball back and forth then being caught by the lady in the hallway. Then doing a dance back and forth and Frank Sinatra running for his life.
  7. What was the first Judy Garland film you recall watching? What was your first impression of her? The first Judy Garland film I recall watching was Wizard of Oz. I thought she was amazing in that movie. They keep making new versions of the Wizard of Oz. However, none compare to the original one. Her voice gave the character innocence. Her voice wasn't shown to its true power in this film as I later discovered how amazing her voice really was and how unique it was. Compared to other people her voice gave her personality and uniqueness.
  8. Describe how the scenes in today’s Daily Dose were designed to promote American values for audiences during World War II. Be specific. Refer to props, set design, settings, etc. in your answer. As James Cagney was walking up the stairs of the White House, he walks by multiple pictures of our past presidents. There is much history in those pictures and many memories. Each president stood for a different time and each president wanted something better for the country. This scene promotes how we came to be what we came to be thanks to many great men giving their lives so our country can be a
  9. What other aspects of battle of the sexes do you see indicated in this clip or in the film Top Hat? First of all, I love TOP HAT. In fact, I own this movie and have watched this movie countless times. I have always like this number due to the settle battle they are having with their taps. Fred Astaire tries to egg on Ginger Rogers. He is trying to make her tap so that he can wow her and show her how good he is. She kinda surprises him...He taps then she taps. This goes back and forth and they try to get a little more intense each time. They keep in constant eyesight of each other or they
  10. What do you notice about the Lubitsch touch? How do the props, the dialogue, and the staging help you understand the character of Alfred (Maurice Chevalier)? He is very subtle in how he is describing the personality of Maurice Chevalier. For example, the drawer full of guns. You can obviously tell that this has happened before... and he likes to live dangerously!!! Then the lace garter the women found and then the fact that the lady was wearing lace garters. Maurice looked like he lived very highly as if he has lots of money and can afford to do that. The dialogue sounds like there is an
  11. 1. Do you agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic? Why or why not? Of course! Movies aren't supposed to be realistic what is the fun in that! We go to the movies to dream about what we wish our lives could be. These leading ladies lived glamorous lives in these movies and we always wished that we were them, well I guess I do. I'm pretty sure I have a 1920 flapper soul in me anyway! 2. What themes or approaches might you anticipate from this clip in other Depression-era musicals? Since in the great depression, the whole point of th
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