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  1. I agree. Not a Richard Beymer or Natalie Wood (in this role) fan. Especially after reading she had kept a list while filming of those who had "wronged" her in some way. Supposedly, this is why she refused to speak to Beymer between takes.
  2. Fun tidbit. You'll also see George at the "Inn" as one of the backup dancers & then suddenly he's in NY with "Betty" - ah movie magic.
  3. For those with Amazon Prime, checkout the Danny Thomas All Star Revue: The Danny Thomas Show (1952) to catch Eleanor Powell's 1st TV appearance.
  4. Because the viewing schedule is out of order chronologically, I thought this might be helpful for those wanting to experience the development and transition these films represented in their respective decades. Chronological Films.docx
  5. Marianne, Thank you! That definitely made the difference!! Ethel
  6. I tried playing twice and was knocked out after the 2nd question. The quiz looks fun; but I haven't been able to play either week. Can ANYONE tell me what I can do differently? I'm using Google Chrome. TIA
  7. I can't imagine the work that must go into launching these wonderful classes. I appreciate the effort immensely. I do have a request for future classes. Might CC be offered for the lecture videos? Additionally, could an option be provided to print B&W WITHOUT pic's attached? Thank you for your consideration, Ethel Havens
  8. I couldn't agree more! I'd love to take the Film Noir and the Hitchcock classes.
  9. I still am either kicked out after question 2 OR I answer question 3 and nothing happens. The quiz just freezes.....frustrating. (I'm using Google chrome)
  10. Hi, I am also getting knocked out after the 2nd question. I'm in Goggle Chrome. I see much earlier (like 20 hours ago) postings about this issue. Will it be resolved? TIA
  11. I'm using a Safari browser and when clicking the VIP Game 1 - only get a black box with no further options and nothing loads.......
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