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  1. In the clip Ginger's character matches Fred's step for step definitely showing she is an equal an unafraid. The other "Battle of the Sexes" is between the move's married friends Edward Everett Horton & Helen Broderick characters conversations between them and to Fred & Ginger. The movie distinguishes itself from others by not having the lead female actively looking for a husband. Also the lead female has a business relationship with the designer played by Erik Rhodes.The movie had a different view of the female lead because the role of women were changing in the 30s & they were b
  2. The clip shows a lot of people in the theatre to hear her. Most people like to go to a show to escape problems in life for a few hours, however they are too dressed up for the depression era. The actress is aware she has to make the correct choice for her future and like all of us wants to make the right one. If this movie was made before the code was in place her outfit wouldn't have been so covering. I think she may have been put in a more flowing gown that emphasized her shape and the song may have been a little more risqué.
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