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  1. 1. The clip starts with Ziegfeld essentially giving money away, showing that he has enough money to not have to care that he is giving it away, and then continues to show what I assume was a relatively wealthy audience. It is safe to assume that during the Depression that was not the norm for most people, so by displaying a lifestyle not available to many it paints a brighter view of life. 2. Other Depression era musicals most likely follow the lives and problems of people who are well off or who are not worrying about work of money, similar to how some of the most popular shows of the 80's surrounded the lives of the wealthy. 3. Had the film been made precode, the relationship between Ziegfeld and Florence would have been more blatantly displayed, rather than being more of an implication. They also might have felt free to display some of the more risque parts of the real story, such as the fact that they had a common law marriage. It may also have impacted the sort of language generally used throughout the film.
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