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  1. 1.The Wizard of Oz was the first movie I ever saw Judy Garland in. I was only maybe four or five, but when you're a kid you think more about the overall movie rather than the individual actors. As I grew older and began to watch movies on my own the other memorable movie that I recall seeing Garland in was Easter Parade because there was that scene towards the beginning where she is making faces as she walks down the street. It was such a funny scene and that scene alone made the film so much more impressionable. Then she sang a rendition of "Merry Little Christmas" in "Meet Me in St. Louis,"
  2. The interaction between the two characters is very uncomfortable to watch because clearly the woman who takes over is a bit of a show boat about her modern singing skills in comparison to Rose Marie's. She appeared to have the mentality of "step aside and let me show you what these people like." It's an interesting sort of confidence this woman has. At the same rate Rose Marie's character also has a different type of confidence when she attempts to sing a music style she is unfamiliar with in front of a full saloon. Overall their interaction with one another is uncomfortable. Rose Marie looks
  3. The clip shows a naive perspective and "all is well with the world" sort of view. She seems very oblivious and almost going with the flow rather than being concerned that a competitor is trying to compel her. Perhaps because of the time period the movie is playing on the idea if we ignore the problem then it might go away just for a little while. I think the film was made so the audience is left with an uplifting feeling by the end, which is basically describes the theme-positivity and "everything is going to be alright." It's also very obvious that the Codes gone into affect for t
  4. "Singin in the Rain," "On the Town," "The Sound of Music," "Blue Hawaii," and probably several more that I'll remember a few hours later after posting this. I love the catchy tunes, or when a performer sings their heart out or goes above and beyond for their dance number to really sell each moment of the movie. I also love you can get sucked into these movies and forget about reality for an hour or two and it leaves you with such positive feelings at the end.
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