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  1. I posted the following in regard to the news that Spielberg wants to remake West Side Story. I post it here as it included my response to La La Land. This casting notice for a WSS remake is terrible. They say, dance experience is "a plus". Are they kidding?! Guess they didn't notice how much and how great Bernardo and Anita had to dance in the stage production and in the original film - on the NYC streets, at the Gym (Mambo and other styles) and on the rooftop (America). It sounds like this is another case of movie-making fools who think they can get by without hiring trained dancers for
  2. This casting notice for a WSS remake is terrible. They say, dance experience is "a plus". Are they kidding?! Guess they didn't notice how much and how great Bernardo and Anita had to dance in the stage production and in the original film - on the NYC streets, at the Gym (Mambo and other styles) and on the rooftop (America). It sounds like this is another case of moviemaking fools who think they can get by without hiring trained dancers for their leads. La La Land had good music and had good potential but didn't live up to it. The leads Ryan and Emma were terribly miscast. They could sing ok bu
  3. Hi Rochelle, I'm using the latest Firefox browser on my Windows desktop. First thing I did was check to see that all my plugins were updated and activated per Firefox browser settings. They're good. I can watch Youtube and Vimeo videos and other video formats (.avi, .mov, mpeg/mpg4 files, flash, proshow presenter, etc) but for some reason the Arc system used by Canvas for the M.A.M course only shows a "loading" message (as if it's going to eventually display the video) but then it goes to the black box w/ teal bar or only an outline of a white box. Neither of them show any navigational icons -
  4. Dear Dr. Edwards, I posted a message to you at the very beginning of your Mad About Musicals course about our not being able to view any of the video lectures or daily dose video clips. (I use latest version of Firefox for my desktop computer). You replied to me that you'd check with Canvas to resolve the issue or else you'd find another way for us to view the videos but I never heard back from you. Now it's the 4th week - the course is almost over but we still haven't been able to see any videos - it just displays either a black box with a horizontal teal bar at the bottom or on the dail
  5. Yes TCM - It would be great to have Ann Miller as your Star of the Month! She always seemed like a gal you could be great pals with - sassy and so much fun. She was a worthy successor to Eleanor Powell as Queen of Taps at MGM!
  6. LKitten16 asked if others noticed how the orchestrated drumming of "Prehistoric Man" and "Pass that Peace Pipe" from Good News" sounded similar. Yes, there is definitely a distinctive MGM sound that one can hear in its musicals. That can be attributed to the fact that many of MGM's arrangers and orchestrators worked on the same films, even as their melodies and themes were composed by different composers. And of course many of the same studio musicians performed on the scores. One of my fav moviemakers from MGM's Music Dept. was the FABULOUS Conrad Salinger - a composer/orchestrator/arran
  7. Thanks for sharing this wonnnnderful clip on the process of creating live action and animation together. This was truly remarkable and painstaking work, especially since all those tens of thousands of cells were drawn, handcolored, projected front and back in in the pre-digital Green Screen Days. I always love seeing the special features and extended editions of movies showing the creative process. So wish they had thought of doing something like that for all the old musicals. The newer version of An American in Paris DOES have behind the scenes info and audio too.
  8. See pix of W of Oz sets below. Yea, I hear ya Pastiche and the wild thing is how the wind is so strong it will pull a tree out of its roots and toss it away past her and takes the front door right off its hinges yet the hanging plant on the front porch barely moves ha! I once had a dream about the "twister" scene and in it, I was down in the storm cellar with Uncle Henry, Auntie Em, Hickory, Zeke and Hunk and we were all wondering what was happening outside haha. Yea, I grew up in the Midwest too and one time I did have a dream where 2 tornadoes touched down not far from my house and guess wha
  9. Oh my Tomilee, how you have made me cry with that wonnnnderful clip of our fav WWW, Margaret Hamilton. How great it was to see her with Mr. Rogers in her Oz costume, no less! I was blessed to get to meet her and get her autograph way back in the mid-'70s, when she played the mother role in the Broadway touring musical -"A Little Night Music" with Jean Simmons in the lead. And we met her on Halloween, no less. What perfect timing, huh! My then boyfriend, an artist, gave her a picture he had drawn of her as the WWW. and she signed the front cover of my original 1956 (MGM Records first edition so
  10. Edward Everett Horton is my favorite character actor - so charming at playing the fool and the MASTER of the TRIPLE TAKE. What a delightful "worry-wart" fellow he acted in the Fred and Ginger movies. He had a house and farmland in the Valley (Encino) in Los Angeles but when officials decided to build Highway 101 that runs through that part of town, they ended up taking his property for it. They did rename a block of the street he lived on as Edward Everett Horton Lane.
  11. There's actually a more personal connection between the two films, than merely being an homage. The prolific MGM musical producer Arthur Freed (head of the Freed Unit on the lot) wrote most of the songs for "Broadway Melody" so when he decided to make a movie about the silent era of movies converting to talkies - "Singin' in the Rain" - it's no wonder he utilized his earlier work, plus it made the production cheaper since the music already belonged to the studio. There is an interesting biography of Freed in Hugh Fordin's book The World of Entertainment.
  12. Oh, man, I'm in Heaven now as TCM plays Fred & Ginger Movies. I could die happy now! Those 1930s fitted sheath dresses sure make a woman look taller and slinkier! (Ginger was only 5'4" but, of course with 3" t-strap or ankle strap heels, she was 5'7" to Fred's 5'9.") And naturally the full skirts or dresses with bottom flares are simply divine and perfectly suited for doing chaine' turns. Ginger's dresses for their "big numbers" by Irene and other costume designers were constructed of shiny satin, silver (or gold?) lame', sequins or with ostrich feathers, of course, for the fabulous "Cheek
  13. Sadly, I never got to meet my heroes Fred and Gene but I did get to meet Stanley Donen (who created On the Town and Singin' In The Rain with Gene plus directed Royal Wedding - a fav w/ Fred and Seven Brides for Seven Bros. and others) back in the 2000s, backstage at the Hollywood Bowl's Night of Movie Musicals (conducted by John Williams too!) and tell Mr. Donen how his work had influenced my career as a dancer and how that had given me a wonderful life. It was such an honor to meet him and thank him for inspiring me throughout my life.
  14. Ruby appeared to be a rather heavy-footed hoofer who really bent her knees a lot and got down into the floor vs Eleanor who held herself up higher and even when vertical, tended to lean back a lot, including with her head. Ruby did wear those heavy, flat black tap shoes in her 42nd St solo in her black outfit and those shoes aren't exactly dainty looking and they produce a louder and heavier sound when you tap and flap. Ruby did look cute in the white "kitten heel" tap shoes, as seen in the photo above. Eleanor usually wore medium / kitten to high heels for her tap numbers as did Ginger (
  15. I hear ya, Speedracer5. I had such high hopes for La La Land as the music/songs were quite memorable but casting Ryan and Emma as the leads left so much to be desired. Don't read my next comment, folks, if you haven't seen the movie - Spoiler Alert: When they got to the finale of La La Land, all I could think about was how much I miss Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell in Begin the Beguine and how this modern "musical" couldn't compete with the brilliance of the original performers. Just recreating a beautiful set isn't enough when your leads are not up to professional standards of dancing. One c
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