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  1. What do you notice about the way the scene is directed as Petunia goes to Joe’s bedside and as we cut to her outside hanging laundry? What does this tell us about her relationship, and the connection to the song? She loves Joe and without him she would just die, She honors him with her song. How would the song change if it was a woman singing about her child? Does the cultural meaning change? How? The song would change to a caring song about a child and how she loves him/her not that they love her. No I don't think the cultural meaning would change. What other thoughts do
  2. Hi all I am behind a little LOL Here are my answers; What was the first Judy Garland film you recall watching? What was your first impression of her? The Wizard of Oz, Loved her from the first time she started singing How do you view her differently after viewing these clips than you might have viewed her previously? No different still love her. What films in her later career come to mind as examples of her increasing ability to capture an audience’s imagination as a storyteller when she sings a lyric? A star is born film of course, she has grown to such a gr
  3. What do you notice about the Lubitsch touch? How do the props, the dialogue, and the staging help you understand the character of Alfred (Maurice Chevalier)? Alfred is a Don Juan, the props like the garter so that he is a lover, not a fighter. But being English speaking I could not understand what they were saying and that would have help to know more about the characters. Based on this scene, what are some of the things you notice about the scene’s use of sound? Describe a specific sound or line of dialogue you hear and what you think it adds to the scene’s effectiveness. Well,
  4. 1. What do you notice about the interaction between the characters in these two scenes? Please give specific examples. Well in the first scene he is singing to her that he loves her while she is thinking maybe not so bad until he changes the name in the song and then she thinks he is just a big player. In the second screen, she sees him and is jealous, but the other actress starts to sing he becomes concerned about her. If you have seen either or both of these actors in other films or television shows, please share your perceptions about them. The only other film I have seen is
  5. 1. Do you agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic? Why or why not? Yes because who could afford that many flowers in that time and who could give 5 pounds to anyone unless you were very rich. People of that era were not rich and they were not realistic at all. 2. What themes or approaches might you anticipate from this clip in other Depression-era musicals? These people are way too happy and carefree for the depression era, they just make you want to forget your worries. 3. Since this is a musical that was made after
  6. The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite. The characters and the actors who play them are just the best. I have watched this movie so many times I can not count. I watched it as a young girl sitting at home with my mom and I sang every song right along with the movie. I also love all of Judy Garland movies, she was the best actress of all times.
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