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  1. Robert Preston was a phenomal performer in both of those films. He is very masculine in The Music Man and still shows masculinity in Victor/Victoria without having any trouble portraying a gay man. He gives each role everything that you could want. I can’t imagine anyone else in those roles. The only film I can easily recall of Robert Preston that I have seen is the Last Starfighter. It was a cute film but he still gives the role everything and is an encouraging mentor similar to the roles in the above movies.
  2. I have seen that clip before and often thought that Deanna had a beautifully and trained opera style voice. Judah was more modern and probably more relatable to the general audience. MGM always had a motive for everything they did and they probably Judy Garland would sell better to the everyday person. Her voice is so memorable. As to anyone playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz would have placed the movie in a very different place in history. Shirley Temple while adorable as a young child didn’t quite have the same appeal as a young adult. I grew up watching Shirley Temple and loved the movies
  3. 1. The interactions between the two characters showed the image of the male being in control while the female was happy with the dominating role of the male. The woman always seems to need the man to come in and rescue her, knowing what she needs before she does. 2. While I am sure that I have seem both performers in other roles, I can’t at this time recall them 3. The undertone of good vs. bad behavior is very apparent. The good girl always gets the great guy. Her attitudes are right and when she does not do everything she should, she (the good girl) suffers until she realizes her
  4. It is definitely hard for me to narrow it down to one musical that I come back to over and over again. That’s like asking me what’s my favorite movie. It completely depends on my mood and what I am doing at the time. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland are the performers I grew up watching so almost any of their movies are watched multiple times. The reason for rewatching the films comes down to many lift my spirits. Whether I am watching Summer Stock, 1776 or Victor/Victoria I always feel better after watching the musicals. I have had the pleasure of instilling this love of musicals into m
  5. Hello 1. I do agree that this film clip shows the lighter side of the time period. The film gave people a chance to escape the worries of the time - finding work, keeping a roof over the family and so forth. Escaping reality is still a very common thread for movies 2. The common theme in many movies of the battle for the lead performers affection. Whether it is two men looking for the same girl or the reverse. There is also the concept of culture as the young lady decides that even though she thinks the orchids are from a child the only proper thing to do is to have the courtesy to
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