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  1. I'm watching the tail end of The Conspirator. Elizabeth Taylor, still a teenager, was mature enough to play a young wife, but it's hard to believe Robert Taylor was just 38 years old when he filmed this. He lookes 10 years older. I think he aged even worse than Errol Flynn. At least Flynn's had a lifestyle not long-life friendly, and I don't think he looked quite this old at 38. Anybody else notice this? BLU
  2. Could it be the made for TV feature Right of Way, featuring another pair of screen legends: Bette Davis and James Stewart?
  3. It does sound like that storyline, but I don't remember anyone saying, "Lucky for me..."?
  4. I'm late to the party... I wish Barbara Stanwyck had won for Stella Dallas in 1937, although I do believe Luise Rainer was very good in The Good Earh (won't mention her in The Great Ziegfield). I wish Joan Fontaine had won for Rebecca in 1940. She was so perfectly vulnerable in that part. I never thought Ginger Rogers was all that in Kitty Foyle. I believe Fontaine's Oscar for Suspicion was a consolation that robbed Bette Davis in The Little Foxes. I'm okay with Grace Kelly in The Country GIrl (ducking to avoid being hit with whatever you're throwing). A Star Is Born struck me as a
  5. I wish they'd show Sister Carrie. Would love to see that one again; it's been years.
  6. Oops, sorry, somebody already said "Come Back, Little Sheba" Here's more . . . How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Somebody Up There Likes Me What a Way to Go! Thank Your Lucky Stars The Corn is Green Bunny Lake is Missing It Happened One Night
  7. More . . . I Walked With a Zombie Rock Around the Clock Once is Not Enough It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World Come Back, Little Sheba Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys I Married a Witch They Might Be Giants They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
  8. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Daddy's Dyin' . . . Who's Got the Will? There's No Business Like Show Business
  9. There is a cast listed for the remake of The Women on the IMDB site. My question is this . . . does anyone know what the setting for the new film will be? Women don't really go to Reno for six weeks anymore to get divorces. And Jada Pinkett Smith is playing the Paulette Goddard role, the one who takes over Rosalind Russell's husband. Interracial marriage wouldn't work if it was set 60 years ago, so I'm completely lost! Bette Midler in the part of the Countess (I think) will probably be a hoot. Rue McClanahan of the Golden Girls did it beautifully in a revival that PBS televised a few
  10. I've heard it said several times, including on Marlon Brando's biography on this site, that his second and third wives played the same role in the 1935 and 1962 versions of Mutiny on the Bounty, Movita Castaneda playing the love interest of Clark Gable and Tarita Teriipia playing opposite Brando in the remake. This is incorrect. I saw the film this morning, and Movita played opposite Franchot Tone in the original. The actress who played opposite Gable was clearly not Movita (who was much prettier, in my opinion) and, according to the IMDB, passed away in the 1980s (Movita is still alive and
  11. Four Mothers (1941) PL - Priscilla Lane RL - Rosemary Lane LL - Lola Lane GP - Gale Page BLU
  12. That is correct! I figured Eli Wallach would be the clue, and that Marsha Mason's initials would be the most misleading. Your turn. BLU
  13. Here's a clue: The movie is from the early 1970s. One of the stars only made this one film. Hope this helps! BLU
  14. It's been a couple of days. Is anybody out there? BLU
  15. While I would not expect Debbie Reynolds to use profane language publicly, I wouldn't classify her as an old ****, either. She's got a rather wicked sense of humor. Did anybody see her Bette Davis imitation on the Biography channel's segment on Betty Grable? It was kind of cruel (included the uneven mouth Bette had after a stroke), but she had the voice down pat and it was hilarious. I couldn't help laughing. I'm sure Debbie didn't mean to be mean. BLU
  16. Technically, Mr. Widmark's second wife, Susan Blanchard, was the *stepdaughter* of Oscar Hammerstein, so they were related by marriage, not by blood. Mrs. Widmark's first husband was Henry Fonda, so she was at one time the stepmother of Jane and Peter Fonda, although she wasn't a whole lot older than they were. BLU
  17. Okay, here's one for you: JC MM KC EW I love this game! BLU
  18. Good actor, Richard Widmark. He was such a menace in his early movies, like Kiss of Death and No Way Out. Then he played more bad guys later in his career, like in Coma and Against All Odds. He seemed like a thoroughly decent fellow, too. No inflated ego, a family man who shunned the Hollywood party scene to spend time with his wife and daughter. I felt very sad when his first wife of many years passed away, but he eventually remarried. He's been blessed with a long life. Last time I saw film of him while he was in his 80s he still looked pretty good. There's so few old-time acto
  19. GT - Gene Tierney RH - Rex Harrison GS - George Sanders EB - Edna Best One of my absolute favorites: The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (1947) BLU
  20. "Shelley Winters and Carroll Baker might have been better choices." Holly, Carroll Baker was around the right age. At least we did get to see her slink around in tight dresses as another Hollywood sex symbol in "Harlow" around 1965. Alas, I think Shelley Winters in 1958 might have been too old as well (she was even older than Ms. Stanley!) Lee Remick also comes to mind. She was, as Jimmy Stewart's character put it, "stunningly beautiful" in Anatomy of a Murder just one year later. BLU
  21. "I further tweaked it by not listing the stars in billing order, where Lane would have come second." Hey, I don't think that's fair. When all you have is initials to go on, listing them in the order they were billed (unless a big name is a guest star and billed last) is an important hint. Don't you feel sorry for me, thumbing through cast lists of Peter Lawford movies looking for these other initials? Can we make "No tweaking" a rule? Please? I did equate Anne Revere with AR, but must not have looked at this particular film. BLU
  22. My favorite is possibly the only one about my profession (romance novelist) Romancing the Stone BLU
  23. "I thought Helen Mirren looked the best - for an older lady - she shows style and class." We need to get off this youth kick. Age has nothing to do with how well-dressed a person is! I'm glad that Ms. Mirren is getting some credit. I saw her at an earlier awards show, maybe from last year, a knockout in a white dress that in my opinion was even nicer than what she wore to the Oscars, but very few people commented on it. I felt she was the best-dressed woman there. BLU, soon to be 50 BLU
  24. JDB1 and Pilgrimsoul, Good points. I've never been a fan of Susan Hayward's, although I grew up watching a lot of her movies because she's one of my mom's favorites. This might be why. BTW, did anybody know that Susan Hayward and Lena Horne were born on the exact same day (June 30, 1917), and both in Brooklyn? BLU
  25. I've never seen the movie (and will miss it today because I'm at work,) but it's been said before that Ms. Stanley was too old for the part. Personally, I can't picture her as a sex symbol. BLU
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