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  1. Welllll -- my Rays (please, try to control your laughter. They're my hometown team and I'm ride-or-die. See: my devotion to the Buccaneers.) just took the series with the Astros literally 15 minutes ago. It's just one series and probably won't matter in the overall scheme of things, but I enjoy it while I can. I too gave up baseball. Chores. My writing projects. And sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. But I found community. Great discussion, both here and on Twitter. And what I think is a real passion and interest in film studies. Looking at online programs that will let me continue learning, al
  2. I watched "The Boy Friend" for the first time yesterday and I LOVED it. It's trippy. It's vibrant. And yes, it's a little weird. Once I figured out there were three things happening -- the literal play on stage, the backstage antics, and the fantasy numbers -- I settled in for an enjoyable (to me) couple of hours. One takeaway I have from this marvelous course is that films are evocative of the times in which they are made -- and "The Boy Friend" is no exception to that. The world was a little mad in '71, and this picture fits right in. Plus Antonia Ellis's Maisie and an impossibly young Tommy
  3. Deciding on a whim to take this course was one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. Thanks to time and life, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy classic cinema. And my appetite for such things has been so whet, I'm looking into taking online courses in film studies, with an eye towards maybe even getting my Masters. I'm anxious to learn more! Plus, I've encountered and made the virtual acquaintance of some very lovely people -- bonus! It's been just a great experience all the way 'round. I feel like this is the last week of summer camp and it's all a little bittersweet.
  4. I can't believe Tracy Lord would marry this version of C. K. Dexter Haven not just once, but twice.
  5. Am thinking about creating a Spotify playlist featuring songs from the movies we've been watching this month -- and would love some suggestions about what to include. I wouldn't mind including versions of the songs that were covered by other people -- such as Sinatra's rendition of "Luck Be a Lady" from Guys and Dolls. And that's a good place to start! So...suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  6. Napoleon-something. I remember hearing this as a really little girl and wondering if this was the real Napoleon.
  7. #2 - Mr. Griffin was George Baxter's most prominent client on "Hazel," played by Howard Smith (thanks, IMdB!)
  8. I'm playing catch-up with all the films I recorded last week while out-of-town; coincidentally, I watched On the Town and Easter Parade back-to-back. So much Ann Miller goodness -- what a talent and such a beauty! I did appreciate seeing her with hair at a normal volume, as when I was a kiddo in the '70s, I remember her hair pretty much having its own zip code.
  9. There's a page on the Canvas Modules section, in a group called Resources that gives Film Viewing Recommendations. Here's the link (not sure if it will work here but let's try it anyway!) https://learn.canvas.net/courses/2206/pages/film-viewing-recommendations?module_item_id=218024
  10. I'm also going to try and catch as many films as possible when they're aired on Tuesday/Thursday, but am setting the DVR in particular for Road to Bali, The Band Wagon, Silk Stockings, Singin' In the Rain (which I think I have completely memorized), Guys and Dolls (mostly because I love the score), A Star Is Born, and my personal, all-time favorite, High Society. I adore that movie like it's my job. PS: TCM is showing The Philadelphia Story on Wednesday night at 8 pm EDT -- making for a nice bookend to High Society on Thursday. Two sides of the same coin. Or something.
  11. Here are the recommended movies for the week: Top Recommendation: Singin’ in the Rain The Double Bill: Singin’ in the Rain and A Star is Born The Quartet: Singin’ in the Rain, A Star is Born, Guys and Dolls, and Gigi
  12. I saw SOTS as a young kiddo and as a young adult, each time with my parents and each time on the big screen. Before each viewing, we had conversations about race and the time in which the film was made -- keeping both in context. I recall enjoying it as a youngster, singing along with "Zip A Dee Doo Dah" and being charmed by Uncle Remus. Upon my second viewing, I understood much more about race issues and appreciated it as perhaps a sign of the times. I was fortunate to have parents who laid the groundwork for intelligent viewing. Taking it in context helps when viewing, I think -- and allows
  13. I look at stage and screen versions of musicals as separate beasts, for they each bring something to the presentation that the other cannot. I will cop to the fact that much like I often think the book is better than the movie, I usually think the stage version is superior to the film version. But that is just me. I agree completely about Sweeney Todd and ALNM. I think Sondheim might be inherently tough to translate to screen without proper casting, as his material is vocally challenging and the themes are such as not to work as well on screen as they do on stage. It's been years since I've
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