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  1. 1. As you watch the interaction between the four characters in this scene, what do you notice about the way they include each other or relate to one another? How is it different from early musicals we have discussed? Each character sings a line then one of the other picks up the next line. They pretty much have the same amount of screen time. The story usually revolves around just a couple of people in previous musicals. They pull each other into the action, like when "passing" Nanette to each other during a dance. 2. What do you notice about the costuming of the characters that ind
  2. What was the first Judy Garland film you recall watching? What was your first impression of her? I guess like many, the first film I remember seeing of Judy Garland's was The Wizard of Oz. But unlike most, I didn't like the film. (Don't hate me. ?) As a child, it was scary and even as an adult, I still just don't like it. It doesn't appeal to me. I still thought she was a good actress and that voice is one that will never be matched. She was a triple threat. She could sing, dance, and act and all at the same time making it look easy. She always put so much feeling into the music, too. H
  3. 1. You can't get much more American than the White House. Much of the dialogue was about flag-waving and being a proud American. In the Oval Office, you see images of powerful Navy ships in models, paintings, and the clock on Roosevelt's desk. You see the flag and paintings of our founding fathers on the wall going up the staircase. 2. Once again, the dialogue is about patriotism and showing it. Roosevelt also brings up Irish Americans, to help promote diversity and acceptance of immigrants and what they bring to this country. WH Assistant: "And you was just singing and dancing to al
  4. I see Eleanor Powell as more stylistic, refined, and graceful. Ruby Keeler is more athletic and forceful in her dancing. I compare Powell to Fred Astaire and Keeler to Gene Kelly as far as dancing styles go. All are wonderful dancers, but they do have different styles.
  5. When Count Alfred Renard opens the drawer to put the gun away and we see several other guns, we understand this type of scene happens frequently with this character. Many women had pulled the same stunt with an unloaded or fake gun when confronted by a husband. The garter in his hand when trying to defend himself from being sent back to Sylvania is counter to what he is saying. His affairs are plenty and not exaggerated. The woman's yell when she is off camera as Renard is in the doorway obviously expresses she is upset. We need her to appear and confront him about the garter she found to
  6. In the first clip, it seems Bruce is the more vulnerable one and in the second clip, Rose Marie is. He is pursuing her in the first and she has the upper hand. In the second, she is embarrassed and out of her element and he is in his element. She tries to fit in, but doesn't feel comfortable in the situation. Bruce realizes Rose Marie is more vulnerable than she tries to portray with him. I think this goes along with themes of the time. The women are more vulnerable and the men need to help them. Of course that is the same in a lot of films even today. But things are shifting. The films are a
  7. I do agree it is brighter than it may have been in a different era. During the depression, people wanted to escape their problems when they went to the theater. They didn't want to be brought down, so themes were lighter or were an escape to fantasy. The Anna Held character seemed flighty and didn't seem to take her career seriously. She was more interested in the person who sent it than the opportunity it may present. The films of that era were an escape from reality for the audience, so they were sanitized, up-beat, lighthearted, happy themes, or total action and fantasy. Post-code film
  8. White Christmas, Mary Poppins, Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, The King and I, The Sound of Music. I'd also like to see some of the newer musicals like Mamma Mia!, The Phantom of the Opera, Yentl, Evita, Newsies, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, and A Chorus Line.
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