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  1. Love Vera Ellen! I mentioned this on another thread but to me she seemed like the perfect dancing partner, she complimented so many different dancers. I could watch her Mandy dancing number from White Christmas over and over again. Truly one of the biggest highlights of the movie! I also love the Fox musical Three Little Girls in Blue, she has this big dance number to You Make Me Feel So Young. Years ago I read Debbie Reynolds' autobiography (the first one, not the newer one Unsinkable) and she said that she would be in the rehearsal studios on the MGM lot with Vera Ellen very often. She said the dance instructors or someone were always on Vera's case about her thighs or something and how big they looked. They were constantly telling her she needed to lose weight or something, Debbie said it was extremely hard and sad to watch because she thought Vera was in great shape.
  2. Glad to see this topic! I love Alice Faye and I feel she doesn't get enough recognition. Such a shame TCM couldn't even get one of her films this month. I believe Irving Berlin said he rather have her introduce one of his songs than anybody else at the time. Such a huge compliment. I love Hello Frisco Hello. You'll Never Know seriously melts my heart.
  3. That is amazing! I still remember seeing that in theaters when I was younger, I still have my VHS copy lying around somewhere! Me and my sister are in our 30s and we still quote that movie and the songs! ?
  4. 1. I think Calamity Jane is the opposite than what we're used to. Jane is a tomboy and just wants to hang out with the guys. She enjoys riding, shooting, and hanging out at the bar with the other guys. 2. It's kinda hard to say, during the 50s I feel Day played the same type of roles during her Warner Brothers days. She played the girl next door types with a heart of gold. She finally got to showcase her acting skills in Love Me or Leave Me with James Cagney. In that film she plays ambitious singer Ruth Etting who is in a rocky marriage with a gangster. It wasn't until the late 50s and early 60s she really got to showcase her comedy skills. I deftinely think Calamity Jane is one of Day's better earlier films. 3. I think it adds to the performance. I think Secret Love showcases that, its about finding love you never knew you had in you, kinda like being alive for the first time. Her persona makes it all the more believable. Jane has a new outlook on life and has found a new level of happiness.
  5. 1. Like everyone mentioned everyone is dancing in unity and keeps building on what the other person brings. Previous musicals seem to have 1 person focused and the rest are the background dancers. 2. All the outfits are blue and gray and are not fancy for the time period. The men in are in casual suits, and Fabray is in a nice day dress. Nobody is outshining the other. There's nothing glamorous or top hat white tie or tails! 3. Every character seems to bring their specific qualities to the number. Fabray is the female and brings the cheeky sexiness, while Levant does all the gags. The other three dance and while Astaire and Buchanan do some old comedy bits. Levant also takes a back seat to the other three letting them shine while he's behind the scenes.
  6. 1. I notice that Petunia's life revolves around her husband, she loves him dearly and is devoted to him. She doesn't have anything without him. Joe is literally her happiness. Even doing mundane things like laundry give her a sense of purpose and pleasure because it makes Joe happy giving her purpose. 2. I don't think the song meaning would change too much, and I can definitely see how it could fit in for a child. For some people their children are their purpose and happiness. I could see how some of the lyrics could be expressed by a devoted parent. 3. This movie finally sheds some light on the African American community, it showed we all share the same values. It was also a mainstream movie that showcased top notch talent from the African American community that wasn't previously showcased in mainstream movies.
  7. This documentary actually got me interested in musicals! Like you said it was an extra on the Singin' in the Rain DVD and on a whim and I watched it and from then on I had to see more of these movies!
  8. I really wish Fred and Ann Miller made a movie with Ann in the lead. I would have loved to see them dance some more. Those two little numbers in Easter Parade are such a tease! I also really like him and Vera Ellen. Then again I don't think Vera Ellen gets enough credit, I think she compliments a lot of her partners, I mean she danced with Gene Kelly, Danny Kaye, Donald O'Connor too. I feel Vera brought out the playful side of Fred. I included some clips.
  9. There's also the Rat Pack movie Robin and the 7 Hoods LOL. Makes me want to break out into Mr. Booze! LOL
  10. 1. Like others have said Garrett's character is in complete control. She constantly trapping in him corners and catching up with Sinatra's character. She even carries him briefly, which is briefly impressive! What's interesting to me is most of the scene takes place on the bleachers. Just goes to show that love is a sport itself that happens on and off the field! 2. The music cues that Garrett's moves to outside the locker room prepare the viewer for the number.
  11. 1. The first Judy Garland movie I remember seeing was the Wizard of Oz. Call me terrible but when I was younger I always grew inpatient during Over the Rainbow I was waiting for the Oz sequence. I was in a hurry for her to leave Kansas! LOL And my first impression of her was she cried a lot in that movie. Don't get me wrong I loved the movie as a kid! Gladly my opinion changed over time! And yes I do love Over the Rainbow! 2. With the clips and time I grew and fell in love with her personality. When I was in 8th Grade I saw Meet Me in St. Louis and her warmth and character won me over and I just needed to see more of her movies. When she sang she was completely sincere and real, it doesn't get much better than that. You really can't fake that! 3. One movie that sticks out to me is The Harvey Girls. During that opening sequence of her on the train where she is singing about her hopes and dreams, she takes you places beyond that train ride. Another one that comes to my mind is the Born in a Trunk sequence in a Star is Born. She pours her soul into that sequence taking you every step of the way!
  12. 1. In the opening scene we see Cohen entering the White House as a guest of the President, and see all the paintings of previous presidents. Later on in the flashback we see a parade with tons of US flags. The only thing missing was fireworks! 2. The bit of dialogue that sticks out to me is when Cohen talks about always carrying a US flag or following a parade, and Roosevelt asks him if he outgrew that quality. Roosevelt goes on further to say that is one quality he has always admired about Irish Americans. 3. I think if the movie started with the flashback it would have changed the tone of the picture. With the White House intro we get to see Cohen as himself and the whole scene shows Cohen as a humble and patriotic person. The opening also gives the audience member the idea that this man was very important and contributed a lot to our cultural history.
  13. 1. This whole routine reminds of the whole Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better from Annie Get Your Gun just with dancing. It also suggests to me that Ginger's character uses dancing as a technique to let Fred's character know she isn't interested. She isn't going to swept off her feet like most women. Her character won't just settle for anyone. 2. To me it's Ginger character that sticks out, and part of the reason I love these films. Compared to other female characters during the time period Ginger plays a feisty character who can take care of herself. She's independent and seems to somewhat enjoy it. 3. I think it's because more and more women were entering the workforce due to the changing times and were starting to seek more independence and choice.
  14. This movie is a lot of fun! 1. Probably the most obvious props are the garter and the drawer of guns. It gives the viewer the impression that Chevailer's character is a ladies man and he plays around a lot. 2. What came to my mind was the dialogue itself. The characters were speaking French quite a bit. Even if you are not fluent in the language the viewer can figure out what is going on from the actor's expressions. I liked how the wife was complaining in French to her husband when he was struggling to zip up her dress. 3. Most common themes I see are extravagance and slapstick. And a bit of sexuality, almost a playfulness to it, especially in a Lubitsch movie.
  15. You can't go wrong with any of the class recommendations that's for sure. Personally I would choose Best Foot Forward, such a fun movie that doesn't take itself so seriously. And it's fun seeing Lucille Ball before her I Love Lucy days. I would also suggest For Me and My Gal, The Harvey Girls, Take Me out the Ball Game, and Good News. As for Thursday I would recommend Bathing Beauty to see Esther Williams at her best, granted her acting isn't the greatest but those water ballets are fun to watch. I would also suggest Moon Over Miami, its such a cute movie and probably my favorite Betty Grable film. I know TCM doesn't have direct access to the Fox library but I'm slightly disappointed more Fox musicals aren't featured. A lot of their musicals from that period dealt with the Good Neighbor Policy and South America.
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