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  1. I hope so. It was the intro to the movie that made me record it on my DVR to watch later, but when I did watch the first few minutes, I was disappointed in the presentations.
  2. Did they air the wrong version of TAKE HER, SHE'S MINE tonight? It starts off with a CinemaScope card but it showed up on my flatscreen in Academy ratio. Edited by: FilmBuffRich on Jan 6, 2013 11:07 PM
  3. Just watched AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER last night. Having seen it once before, I still find it infuriating and illogical that Deborah Kerr doesn't want to tell Carey Grant about her accident. The whole stupid thing falls to pieces for me right there. Shame, because I enjoy the shipboard romance part of the film.
  4. I can guarantee that there will be some crabby folks who will haunt the 2075 equivelant of a bulletin board at TCM's site claiming that the channel should only show movies that were made during Hollywood's Golden Era of 1965 to 2005.
  5. THE BLOB was produced by a little outfit called Valley Forge Films and shot almost entirely in the Phoenixville/Dowingtown Area. (The Dowingtown Dinner which appears to be across the street from the theatre in the movie is actually 18 miles away.) It was only after the film was completed that it was sold to Paramount. The theatre looks almost exactly like it does in the movie- they've done a decent job in its up keep. The only noticeable difference is that the wooden doors have been removed and new Black Deco-looking ones installed. The marquee still looks the same (minus the "Healthfully
  6. This past weekend I attended BLOBFEST in Phoenixville, PA (outside Philly) and had the pleasure of watching THE BLOB in the theatre that the Blob attacks in the movie. Such fun. And the town residents have embraced their little spot in film history.
  7. And this is why I like character actors and hate Tom Cruise Be fair, Stoneyburke. There are LOTS of reasons to hate Tom Cruise.
  8. I don't think there's anything out there that explores Lupe Velez's sad life. Also, as a fan of his work on Jack Benny's and his own radio series, I would love to read a bio of Phil Harris.
  9. Although most people remember him from just WIZARD OF OZ and to a lesser extent SHOP AROUND THE CORNER and GREAT ZIEGFELD, FRank Morgan has been good in every film I've seen him in. (HULLABALOO, WILD MAN OF BORNEO, THE GHOST COMES HOME, WASHINGTON MELODRAMA, etc...)
  10. Hmmm.... Haven't seen this one in about 10 years or so. Though my memories aren't favorable, I just might revisit it. Off to set the VCR...
  11. I've noticed that the "Registered Date" listed with the user's info at the right hand side of the post is showing up as the same date as when the user actually posts. What's up with that?
  12. "What're two silly little fifty year old independent television stations in the world, anyway? Are there no workhouses, are there no prisons?" You know, Stoneyburke, there is a difference between networks and their affiliates. And if you were really concerned with little independant stations (and considering the coverage area of WOR and WPIX in the New York City area I would hardly call them little) I have to ask if you were protesting when they became netowrk affiliates back 12 and almost 20 years ago? I apologize if this use of fact in someway deflates your arguement. On second thoug
  13. A friend gave me a Tom Servo-style red bubble gum machine which I painted the dispensor to match Tom's. It now sits in my apartment, calmly waiting for me to stumble across a barrel bank, some doll hands, etc...
  14. As much as I like the short interview segments used to fill in time between movies, I'd LOVE to see the complete interview done with the personality. A half-hour of full-hour show featuring these called something like "Hollywood Remembers" or something would be a must watch for me... And to the folks who aren't to thrilled with some of the more modern films being shown, I've always found that the newer films shown fit right in. How can you evaluate Henry Fonda's career without On Golden Pond? Although I first saw Mel Brooks' High Anxiety when I was in sixth grade, I didn't really apprec
  15. Also, according to Robert Osborne's piece Crosby was born in December 1905, but according to IMDb and Wikipedia he was born in June, 1903. Whar gives?
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