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  1. If you haven’t seen Fred Astaire in a really great musical, check this one out. Well done!!!!!!!!
  2. Cole Porter, love, love!!!!!!

  3. Oh to have lived in the early days of film making. Where all newly discovered talent was coming together to create movie making like no other. Imagine how all new it was to all involved. Taking an image and putting it on a thing called film. What was acting for them? Who came up with the idea of acting and putting a story together and filming it. Yes, Vaudeville on stage where people went to see live performances, when one day someone came up with the idea to capture it all on film. To be there at the conception of it all. WOW!!!!!
  4. When looking at the early musicals, I can't get over the set designs used. How grand they were. What talent in those days. Sound stages had to be vast in size. Living in Los Angeles, I fortunate to be able to drive by all the studios like MGM (Sony Pictures), Warner Brothers, 20th Century, etc. It was amazing how all elements in making a picture all came together creating an exciting and very entertaining film. Lots of challenges to consider like sound, and all technical as well.
  5. For both Deana and Judy, they both had great talents, both in singing and in acting. Deana had great control of her singing in a classic way, and Judy had a style in her singing that a majority of listeners could relate more to. I'm not really sure why MGM had Judy, and Deana worked the other studio, but for whatever the reason, it turned out fantastically for both studios mentioned. They are and for ever will be two of a kind in the history of musicals. Thanks for the memories!!!!!
  6. Musicals are the greatest!!!!!! As I do love watching TCM as my source for musicals, I do really enjoy seeing them live on stage. My favorite place to go for live musicals is London, West End. Watching them live makes you feel like your part of the story. There's a sense of energy you get during the performance. Always brings a tear to my eye, very exhilarating.
  7. I just want to say "Thank You" for having this program available. It's great to see other individuals who love Musicals like I do. I've been an avid viewer of movie musicals as long as I can remember. Not sure why. I guess I find them intertaining and uplifting. Makes you wish life could be the same. There is a song for every event in life. There are many musicals I love, in fact too many to mention. Okay, I'll share a few with all of you out there, Funny Girl (love Barbra), Cabaret, Paint your Wagon, American in Paris, not to mention my favorite actors, Barbra Streisand, Ann Mil
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