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  1. Thanks, I will check out 'beyond the door'. I don't know the colour of the kid's hair unfortunately. I was only about 3-5 yrs. old myself when I saw it. I described all I could remember.
  2. The movie I am looking for is one from the late 60's or early to mid- 70's, it's either a possessed child or antichrist type movie. It may have been Italian and dubbed into English, but what I remember is that the dubbing seemed off-timing, like a Bruce Lee movie. What I remember from the plot is either a boy (around 2-3 yrs. old maybe) was either possessed or the antichrist (but I *think* he was possessed). There were parents, and some guy who helped them cure the kid. The only scene I remember I think is the ending: the family is on a ferry or cruiseship maybe, they think the child
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