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  1. I think that if she had belted out the song People that it would have spoiled the whole theme of the movie. She is showing that she is human and has a love for people. She and him are interacting because the have the same feeling about things. She is saying that everyone needs to have people and that poeple that have someone with them they are happy. You see her in almlost every part of the scene. From the beginning when she starts to talk the him and when she moves to the steps to when she is huging the lamp post.
  2. In this film Professor Higgins is trying to get Eliza to calm down and she is acting like her old self. He thinks that if she goes to bed and sleeps everything will be alright. She tell him that it won't be alright. In Gaslight the husband is trying to make his wife think that she is crazy. He does this by hiding things and then asking her if she knows what happened to them. In the scene you get the feeling that Eliza has feelings for the professor but she doesn't think that he feels anything toward her other than another project. Cukor does a very good job of moving this along by hav
  3. I think that the male actors of the 60's didn't have to be alpha males to take charge and they could a verity of roles from the flimflam artist to the gay performer. They could change characters from one to the other without trouble. In the Music Man he is in complete control during the whole movie by changing the subject when he is asked about his credentials and when he changes the subject about where he got his degree from. He also shows that he has confidence in the boys that he has in the band and show them that they can do it without any lessons. I may have seen other Preston
  4. It show the way things are on the stage, yet it also shows how it is in real life. Mama Rose just barges on to the stage and takes over. Telling the conductor what to play and how the lights should be placed on Baby June. She is not a typical stage mother. The lyrics have a double meaning in that they are trying to get the attention on them rather than on anything else but they are also trying to convey the note that they will entertain them.
  5. I don't think that the stylized ballet at the end has either a distraction or any attracting features to the movie. It is in the imagination of Kelly. He shows that he has a lot of friends among the art community and it is only when this third year girl comes into the scene that he gets nasty. He doesn't think that she has the learning to talk about someones paintings and say so to her. Otherwise he is a very likable person.
  6. It seems to me that they start out slow and move into a faster pace as they start to dance. As for the professor you see him at the start thinking that he is getting through to the two of them and then as the scene progresses it looks like he has lost the whole thing and then at the end he sees that they really have learned how to speak even if it isn't the way he planned. In the scene you see the professor as the straight man and both O'Connor and Kelly as the clowns. Kelly is more of the serious one and O'Connor is more of the fool.
  7. I think that Doris falls more toward the male side in this film because she is completing with the men in the scene. As I have seen many of her films I think that she grown into a very competent person and a fine actress. She can play any type from tomboy to a fine lady. In my opinion her bright and sunny persona adds to the character of Calamity. It show the love she has for Bill and what she thought was love for the Lieutenant. Also that she sees her error in sending the other girl away.
  8. There is no one person that is shown more than the others. In earlier musicals there was a star that was shown more than anyone else. Now the stars all have the same amount of space in the scene. I noticed that each star has his or her own style of dress. The girl is dressed casual and the men are dressed according to the roles in the musical. I noticed that there are only three that dance in the scene and the other one steps out of the picture and only does a comedy role with the ladder.
  9. In the beginning you she Ethel Waters rushing into the bedroom to find Joe is alive and she starts to sing about how it makes her feel that he is alive.Then the scene changes and goes outside to her still singing but taking the laundry off the clothes line. Then her goes over to Joe and pushes him out of the way but is still happen that he is well. I think that it would change the way the song was presented because it would be showing the love of a mother for her child, rather than the love of a husband and wife. This movie shows that the black community in films could be addressed
  10. In the first scene you she the player coming out of the locker room and there is the girl waiting for him. In the second scenne you see the girl chasing the player all over the stands to catch him and she finally does when he slides down the railing. All through the scene she is chasing the player and is singing the song.
  11. The first film that I saw like most other people was The Wizard of Oz. To me it related to the young children all over the world. Her range of voice in it was something out of this world. As for the impression after viewing the two clips it is that she can adapt her self to almost any situation and not seem to have any trouble doing it. She can act as if she is playing the piano or can dance as if it is second nature to her. She has a wide range of talent and shows it but does not try to steel the scene from the other acts that are there with her. Right now I am watching the Harve
  12. It starts out with Cohan Meeting FDR and then reflects back to the 4th of July parade with the flag waving. In the scene you see FDR rememnising about the four Cohan's and how the newspapers say that Cohan knows as much about what is going on as does FDR. Also the valet that shows Cohan into the president's office talks about the Cohan's back in WW I. I don't think it would have made as much of a impact on the audience.
  13. In this movie you see the man and the woman more or less dancing in competition with one another. What ever Astaire does Rogers does in reverse. It seems that they are trying to show each other that they can do anything that the other one can do. It has a more separation of the female and the male. They don't have a lot of touching in the clip. It is more like they are completing with one another rather than being lovers. I think that the Code had a lot to do with the change that films were made. There was more formal wear in the film and there wasn't much skin being shown as in earl
  14. He uses a lot of sound in the clip. The sound to begin with, the clip opens with no one in the room but you hear voices. Then enters the man and the woman comes in to accuse him of seeing another woman because she found a garter in the bedroom. Next the husband enters and the woman shoots her self. The husband then takes the gun and uses it on the man only then they find out that it is a blank gun. It ends with the wife complaining about things that the husband can't do. I would expect that there would be more comedy in the musicals.
  15. I noticed that the characters seemed to stay apart but showed that they were interested in each other. As in the scene when they were in the canoe they were seated apart, but looked at one another. In the second scene they made eye contact but didn't touch or say anything to each other. It seemed that in all the movies that they were in together they were very polite and did not show a lot of emotions. It seems that once the code was put in to effect that the actors and actress did not have much touching and love making in the scene.
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