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  1. I like the wit of this particular scene. The character is definitely in trouble, but doesn't seem to mind. All the props and the placement of the props adds to the comedic drama of the event unfolding. However, it was predictable that the gun was only a prop.

    The gunshot did not sound like a gunshot, but a book being slammed on a table. It was very difficult in that era to make sounds that were real. All of the dialogue in French added to the frenetic chaos of the scene-Alfred getting caught, etc. And the French had a reputation at that time of being overly romantic. 

    The themes expected would be those that were not close to everyday life at that time. Getting away from the depressing era was what the goal was. 

  2. Daily Delight #2

    In the first clip, it's very obvious that Eddy is attracted to the character McDonald plays. As actors they seem to have a natural ability to interact with each other that is very smooth and believable. For instance when McDonald lets Eddy know that he changed the name of the girl in the song it's just a smooth transition, very natural. One would almost think that they were a "couple" outside of film. In the second clip you can definitely see that he is concerned about what is happening to her when she is trying to sing.

    When seeing them in other films, I have witnessed the same ease with them in portraying the characters. It just seems natural.

    As far as the code, there is nothing overt that would lead you to think about a sexual relationship between the characters, but there is a definite attraction. I would say that the code didn't seem to apply to the costuming. The lady who was trying to get the men's attention was very sensually dressed and her gyrations were much like what we see in dance today. 

  3. Knowing the era in which it was filmed, I would agree that it does portray a better side of life than was actually happening in everyone's everyday life. Who would have money to give away like Ziefeld gave away so frivously to the doorman or spent on a bouquet of orchids? Most people barely had enough to make ends meet or put food on the table, they also had to work very hard.

    Other films in that era depicted mostly the same lifestyle, happy go lucky, nothing really matters, there were very dew that depicted what lfe was really like.

    If this had been filmed pre motion picture code I would imagine that the language might have been more suggestive on the part of Held and possibly that evidence of Ziefeld's infidelity would have been more prominent. 

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