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  1. 1) Each shot captures a movement that was specifically planned. There is no dead time. Each movement has a purpose and the camera has to catch that. They had the close ups for the moments where the characters were close together but panned out to catch the moments in the stands. 2) From the very beginning this scene was choreographed, which is what gives it away as a musical number. Frank Sinatra comes out of the locker room and Betty Garrett is waiting for him. He tries to avoid her and what ensues is a jumping back and forth between them that almost looks like part of a dance.
  2. 1) The first Judy Garland film I saw was probably the same as most people. It was The Wizard of Oz. The second was For Me and My Gal. I have since seen her in so many of her other works that I have lost count and I have also found bits from her TV show on the internet and watched them as well. I remember as a child, it was her voice that stood out to me. Of course, as a child, I didn't see her as Judy Garland; I saw her as Dorothy. Dorothy could sing, she was beautiful,and she was brave. 2) I wouldn't say that I see her differently. I would say that my appreciation for her continues to g
  3. I'm so glad that there was a Daily Dose for Yankee Doodle Dandy. I discovered the movie last year on TCM and it is now one of my top 10 favorite films. 1) The opening scenes are at the White House, America's house. I feel that that in itself is promoting American ideals. It also goes over the fact that Cohan got his start with his family and it shows the importance that starting a family had for his father. He also spoke of his love of country steaming from his father, who ran off to join the Civil War because he loved his country so much. This was right at the time men were either enlist
  4. 1) You see the "battle" in the way they interact even before the dance begins. He is giving his very best lines, things that have probably worked for him in the past with other women, but he comes across a woman who won't fall for his line. She on the other hand, will not allow his wiles to get the best of her. 2) Where as so many of the Astaire and Rogers dance numbers have the elaborate sets and costumes, where as this one, is out in an everyday location that could be anywhere and their costumes are simple. 3) Woman were becoming just as big of stars as the men were, so they were b
  5. 1) Everything about the way the scene is set-up and directed gives the impression of extravagance. Even the way the Chevalier flippantly plays the character and provides translation to the viewers, shows his own extravagance as a character, which is only proven at the end of the clip when he is told that he has had one scandal too many. 2) Allowing us to hear the sounds of the gun and the rattling of the doors adds to the spirit of the scene. It gives a moment of seriousness before allowing us to realize the comedy that goes along with it. 3) In so many musicals in this era, we ha
  6. 1) There is a certain level of innocence that is carried through them, fitting in with the code, but there is also a wonderful flirtation between the two that comes through in the clips. They are romantic without having to be seductive, which is evident in the second clip when the more **** up saloon dancer gets up to entertain, but Eddy's eyes stay fixed on MacDonald. You can see the admiration and love that he has for her shows on his face. Purity shines through more than the sexuality. 2) N/A 3) There is a level of purity to the romance, as I mentioned in the first response. There
  7. 1) I feel that in the time period in which these films were made, the majority of Americans were struggling through every day, just trying to make it to the next. Their lives were far from glamorous, but a musical allowed them a glimpse into a life they could only imagine. For an hour and a half, they were wealthy, they were dancing, and they didn't have a true care in the world. Most wouldn't want to see something that they might face every day, whether it be financial or business struggles or people trying to get by. They wanted light and beautiful to take them away from the dark and drearin
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