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  1. I just have to say in that clip you were talking about how is one dull with Gene Kelly", it's actually Ricardo Mantalban
  2. Sorry to put this question on here but I am trying without any luck to find the movies that are suggested we watch this week for Mad about musicals. Can anyone tell me where to find the list, I have found the list of all the movies showing what days but not the list of the ones suggested for this week. Or if you know would you be kind enough to post them here for me to see? I found the ones last week but for some reason can not find the ones for this week, I know strange indeed but this seems to be me this week lol. Thank you in advance, Kathy
  3. What greater American dream than to be invited to the White House to meet the President? It shows Cohan as an older man at the opening and as he begins to recall his childhood it draws you into his story and life. I think the opening is perfect. I never noticed the American Flag on his lapel until tonight watching the clip or if I did I had forgotten about it. I think the grand stair case he walks up speaks volumes of the White House, the butler welcoming him and speaking of the song Grand old Flag starts you right off in a Patriotic mindset. The part where FDR says "You Irish Ameri
  4. Ruby Keeler has a fun loving I am going all out and stompin the bejeebies out of everything in my way. Comparing her to Eleanor Powell's style of elegant movements straight back, head up, don't look at my feet while tappin my life away dancing style. Well there you have it in my opinion Keeler is more smile worthy while watching her dance you just can't help but have fun. Powell's style is rather a leave your mouth open and think man doesn't she get dizzy or I bet her cheeks really hurt by the end of this dance. Don't get me wrong I am very impressed with her dancing as well as Kee
  5. Hmmm what can I say? Well for starters watching these two dance dressed in any attire, on any type of staged atmosphere is a pure delight. His sing song singing voice is unique to me in that he is one of the few (even today) that you clearly hear his speaking voice as well. Jimmy Stewart's attempt at singing also comes across that way and it is endearing to me. Battle of the sexes either I slept through something or it is so slight in message that I missed it. What I saw was a wonderful display of dancing talent, he went for it and she was swept right along. She did however to me show him
  6. I've never cared for their type of singing, when I was a kid my sister and I wouldn't watch them. Now that I am much older I do believe I have given them the chance to grow on me. I can sit through the singing especially hers without turning the channel I do like his voice much better. I see the flirtatious way of him in the canoe and her trying not to show anything but indifference towards him but when he sings she loses it. The saloon scene is showing a girl out of her element and doing what she has to to survive. She watches the old gal who knows what it takes and when she tries it her
  7. This scene has made me want to see the movie, the garter, guns, and her showing him that she has both of hers on says simply that he is a womanizer to the core and yet lovable at the same time. I loved his wit and charm when he looked into the camera and spoke to us he was welcoming the audience into his situation. The use of French being spoken did not through a person off as to what they were discussing, I loved listening to them bicker and all the while he just stood there watching as, well, as we were. From this opening scene you know you are in for a rowdy, fun night at the movies and yes
  8. The I enjoy the movie and of course the actors in it. If this was precode would not have been dressed head to toe while singing her song. The joke of 5 pounds was funny. She was impressed with the cost of the orchids and the price is what made her decide to see him. Which by the way ignored the depression going on.
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