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  1. Interaction between the two characters: His dialogue doesn't get her but his singing begins to melt away her reserve. We anticipate that he is going to have. to work hard to woo her because she ultimately rebuffs his moves. He is playing it cool, too, by inserting other girls' names in his song. Other performances: I most enjoyed Jeanette in San Francisco and sadly saw one of her final fils where she played second fiddle to Lassie. Whenever I see Nelson Eddy, I do remember seeing Himont TV in the 50's and I always think about Sis Caesar's imitation of him as a wooden actor. Code
  2. I must admit that I have watched "That's Entertainment," "II," "III," and "That's Dancing" more times than I can recall. So many of my favorites are included in the clips: "The Band Wagon," "dance numbers from "Kiss Me Kate," "Brigadoon," and on and on.....I never fail to watch "Funny Face," and "Gigi." MGM Musicals top the charts for me, but Warner Brothers had the Doris Day films like "Romance on the High Seas," and those were also great. I always loved the films where Xavier Cugat, Jose Iturbi or Carmen Miranda just happened to be around for a school dance or concert, and were nice eno
  3. Anna Held is lovely and is being sought after by two elegant Broadway producers. She is carefree and gay; her clothes are frothy and expensive; her dressing room filled with orchids and roses...and a personal maid. This is a dream life! The typical audience member at this time might have had difficulty scrapping together the ten cent ticket price. There were a lucky few who lived this way but it certainly paints a much more beautiful existence for the rest of us. There is no indication of what it may have taken for her to get to this point. Pre-code, she may have worn a more revealin
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