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  1. 1) Ginger is wearing riding clothes....pants...men's clothing and a cane...not the usual flowing gown and heals. Thus indicating she is to be perceived as an equal. She matches each step for step of his and they do not touch until it is required for each to complete the same dance step. They prove they are apt as individuals but can work as a team together on par with the other. 2) It is different from the other musicals of the era for that very fact. The woman doesn't need the man to succeed. 3) Screwball comedies are a game of wits between the two principles. Therefore the women in
  2. 1) The props tell the story as they would in silent film. The garter not belonging to the married lover tell us that Alfred is a roue. The pistol and later drawer full tells us that his sexual philandering is rampant. 2) The most striking use of sound was in the opening long shot of the door and the muffled conversation behind it that exploded once the door opened. Another, the silence of the butler when the Sylvanian official arrived. Both brilliant! 3) "Forget your troubles come on get happy"...themes of unfathomable wealth, carefree existence and no accountability are the overar
  3. 1) The interaction is an example of magnetic poles. Mating dance of will they/won't they. Having said that, they could have been played by mannequins. There is no spark in either performer. 2) Have seen this film and others of theirs. Light operatic singing being a "thing" could only be a result of the forced cultural programming put forth by the primarily Jewish emigre moguls. This high art is but one example of the loftier musical and literary forms presented in the era. The new Americans attempt to assimilate hidden inside an attempt to force feed "culture" to the masses. Radio of the
  4. 1) Nearly all Depression era and many WWII ear films were aspirational and did not reflect the time. As the films of our current time reflect fantasy and escape (not to mention an uptrend in Horror) 2) Themes of opulence and overriding charm of all the actors as if none were playing for high stakes. 3) If this were a pre-code film it would depict the grit and torment of the core relationship, the inevitable casting couch before that relationship and perhaps star Barbara Stanwyck emotionally torn between two lovers.. and the two lover empresarios more concerned about their re
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