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  1. In the take funny Girl Fanny and Nick start out together as the song starts out as she speaks but then goes into the song he disappears into the background almost until the end of the song then he is back, . They do have a relationship but not until later. l cannot commit on the other things l did not pay that much attention on those things. l was more interested in her singing. l love the movie Funny Girl and watch it when ever it is on. L am sorry he was such a gambler.
  2. In My Fair Lady , George Cukor placed the lighting around the actors and not so much around the area behind them so you were looking at them not ant the stage and that his what he had in mind . Elisa and Higgins l think had a love hate love relationship, She like him and he like her most of the time but l think is some cases there was a hint of love running threw the both of them that neither wanted to admit to that is just my opinion. l am a person who looks for a love interest in all the movies that has this kind of story line.
  3. l enjoyed both of the Robert Preston films but l enjoyed Victor/Victoria the best to me he did his best work in that movie musical he really showed what and actor can do with the right training that they were now getting and he had it all, he really show us what gay people were like and not to fear them so much l think at least that is what l thought l real think he was so good in the part that he stole the movie from Julie and just made it his l looked forward to seeing him in the movie and what he was going to do not so much what character was going to do. . L know l have seen him in o
  4. watched the clip from GYPSY and l thought that Rosalind Russell played a great stage mother but she was very distributive in that part and in the old classic movies of the 40's they would not have let that happen l do not thinks so but the movie was very good for that time period but l do not think it was one of the best l enjoyed other more like Mary Poppins,Music Man & Sound of Music to name a few.
  5. l like American in Paris just the way it is. Jerry is unlikable in a friendly sort of way you want to dislike him but he kind of grow on you in s special sort of way it is hard to explain but if can read his body language you would see it , he wants you to like him and his paintings but he does not want to be judged.
  6. l like Singing in the Rain In the part that we watch they real need a straight man to make the scene to work for thir dance .They needed the pre dance steps to make it look good for the dance number that followed that is my way of thinking. l do think that the work well together and that they complement each other in the musical number that they were doing . They were on and equal footing so to speak.
  7. l watch the clip of Doris Day and l can say that as far as l am concern she just got better she more she did . l have watched most of her movies and l just love her in all of them and l can find no wrong in what she does so l am the wrong one t o judge her because l love what she does , weather it is a musical , comedy or drama.
  8. have watch clip from Band Wagon and enjoyed it very much .The costumes matched to conform with what the musicals were address at the time and that was that your were a group not one person and that what it showed they were in all blue and gray . and they preformed to the standard that was every ones talent and just ones. So no one could stand out above the rest. But it was a good song and they sang and dance beautifully and did the musical what was need and that all that was expected of them.
  9. just watch Cabin in the Sky clip and l could tell how much she loved Joe and if she had sang that song to a child she would have given an entirely different showing of feeling on the screen than she shown. l thought the movie was pretty good l have not watch to many all black movies. But he ones l have seen l have really enjoyed.
  10. saw the clip and you could tell they were going to sing and dance they were alone in a big room, they both sing and then they went out to the stadium and they then finished the song and dance which was very good and enjoyed it .
  11. l saw the clips and thinks that Judy was the best in Easter Parade . l saw her in the Wizard of OZ, Meat me in St Louis and l really enjoyed her in that one she real was able to show how she could sing and her and the little sister and such a beautiful relationship that you real believed in them. l love to watch that movie over and over again
  12. l saw the short on Yankee doodle dandy l think that it did not get though in that one clip what you real want to show america at it best we saw Cohan talk to the president and a short part of the parade but he message to me did not get though And the whole think did not play right. The movie thought when you see the whole movie is one big ad for the great USA and to buy War bonds and to stand by America and the war effort. So you really have to see the whole thing to appreciate Donna
  13. l watch this part of Top Hat and l think that l enjoyed it much more than the other music we have watched this week it was more entering and l think just because they were dress alike goes with the story l enjoyed very much l am final enjoying the musicals . The Studios final got it right Donna
  14. l just saw the new daily #3 and thought it was different fromthe others because it did not have any music in it but it had a very young Maurice Chevalier and even at age 40 he was that handsome and  could be that  way with women so l think  he knew he was going to make it in the movies and even if that one did not help in proffersion. But l realy di not enjoy all of the clip that we were given if was not that good except for him

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