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  1. This is my birthday present from my girlfriend - my first tcm cruise, but not my first Disney Cruise. Haven't been to a large film festival in ages. Looking forward to it. Walter
  2. The one thing that threw me was it said it was telling the Gospel of Matthew, but uses a parable (about the rich man and beggar in a church) that was from the gospel of Luke (18:9)
  3. Hi - I'm interested in how many sub-genres we can name that we've seen or heard about in the course. There's the "Theatrical Musical" - Golddiggers, etc. Broadway Adaptation - Cabin in the Sky, Guys and Dolls....most of the 60's musicals Dramatic Musicals - Funny Girl, South Pacific. For the Boys. Horror Musicals - Rocky Horror Picture Show And.....?
  4. I really enjoyed the early musicals we got to watch. My dad was a huge Lena Horne fan and now I can see why. I've always like the Fred and Ginger films, but never had enjoyed the Golddigger films until now - the only Golddiggers I recall were the ones on the old Dean Martin show!
  5. I feel the same way - even though both end pretty much at the same place, Godspell is the more optimistic of the two.
  6. Am I the only one who enjoyed Godspell? The play was very much like the film, with a few segments switched. But yeah, Jesus is dressed like that in the play as well as the film, and one person plays both John the Baptist and Judas. Maybe it's because I had seen the play I enjoyed the film as well.... Btw - if you search Godspell on YouTube, you can find a making of the film as well as the original play Jesus and John singing "All for the Best".
  7. Our community theatre actually did the stage show IN 1976. 20 years later they tried it again and couldn't get enough men, so they filled in with women in drag. They're trying it again this year, and I bet they end up doing the same thing.
  8. Even though she did her own singing, could not stand Meryl Streep trying to sing ABBA in "Mamma Mia" except for one ballad. They should have cast Olivia Newton-John.
  9. What about - "Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?" (1969) and let's not forget Mae West's last film "Sextette" (1978) with that irresistible duet between Mae West and Timothy Dalton!
  10. The last dose - ? Funny Girl - 1.How might Streisand’s performance of the song “People” have felt different in the film, had she been more theatrical and expressive, perhaps even belting her song more? If she had belted the song out it would have taken us "out of the movie" and out of the moment. The 'softness' in the tone is what makes it personal, a moment of realization for Fanny, and a moment for Fanny and Nick. 2. Note the emotional transition moments in this scene: how do the two characters relate to each other as the lyrics are sung? It starts out as conver
  11. 1. Explore any common themes and filmmaking techniques in a very different movie also directed by George Cukor, Gaslight. (If you are not familiar with Gaslight, compare and contrast Cukor's theme in this scene and his techniques with another musical you have seen during this course) Both Gaslight and MFL deal with a man manipulating a woman for their own ends. Boyer's role in Gaslight in more malevolent than that of Henry Higgens, who doesn't really see what he is doing. Both have confrontational scenes, save that the woman has the upper hand in Gaslight. 2. Note the emotional tr
  12. 1. As you look back to the masculine performances in musicals of past decades, what changes in male representation, and performance would you say are most noticeable? There was a style and elegance in the thirties that transformed in the fifties to a more aggressive, masculine tone in the fifties and early sixties. Astaire vs. Kelly. The more stylistic dancers of the fifties (Gene Nelson, Bob Fosse) would often play second fiddles (and then become directors of others musicals.) 2. What other specific qualities do you notice about Robert Preston in either or both of these clips?
  13. Daily dose #13 from Gypsy - 1. In what ways does this scene look backwards to classical musicals and how does it look ahead to new disruptions that we now know will happen in the movie musical? The backwards nod is the story itself - It is about life in the theatre and the people you meet there. We see this in 42nd street, the Follies of the 30's films. Again, it is about the journey of one female from nobody to star. As for looking towards the future, I think the overall adult theme of the story, how a girl from 2nd rate vaudeville had to become a stripper to be a star and th
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