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  1. 1.In the first scene it is obvious that they are very attracted to one another. Eddy/McDonald make a wonderful pair, and you can see the attraction in both scenes. They are fighting it in the canoe, and while she is in the little dive singing, you can see the flirtatious eyes and smiles coming from both of them. 2.Eddy/McDonald make a wonderful pair. Like Astaire/Rodgers, they are a match made in heaven. I really like that about films from that era; once a duo was formed, they stuck together through so many films. You will notice this with Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler and Joan B
  2. 1. I do agree that it exhibits a brighter side of life! During the Great Depression, the movies were an escape for most, so to have a movie that exhibits a care free attitude with life is just what people were wanting back in those days. Even the thought of being able to tip a doors man five pounds was probably very enthralling for some! To think that someone could be so care free with money back during those times! I am sure it made some dream of better days, and a time in the future when they may also be able to tip five pounds. Little did they know that the Great Depression would be ending
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