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  1. I don't think I have seen any Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy films, although I can remember them being a favorite of my grandparents, who both enjoyed musical films. I like the banter they have with each other through the lyrics, especially when Ms. MacDonald substitutes other names. I was also taken with the scenery. To me, it said what the codes wouldn't permit to be said! In the second clip, I watched it first with no sound. The facial expressions that both actors presented spoke more to me than the musical (even though this is a musical). Mr. Eddy's face exhibited so many emotion
  2. I LOVE Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Seen it many, many times and never tire of it! The music, dancing, acting are the best. I had a slight crush on Russ Tamblyn-a real cutie!
  3. I loved it and got a 100%. It was great fun. I have seen most of the films that were in the excerise.
  4. q 1-It does present the lighter side of what most were experiencing in their daily life, but wasn't that the whole point. Who wants to see the life you are living (especially if it is rough, mundane, and with little reward) magnified on the big screen! I think being able to escape the bleak existence that most had during this era, is probably what helped them see brighter days ahead. I think, to an extent, this holds true today-most of us love an escape from our hectic tired lives. q.2-The competition for love/relationship. Wealth and power. One character the comic to the othe
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