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  1. I know this wouldn't be seen necessarily as technically or aesthetically "the best", but this song and dance poking fun at beatniks in Funny Face always makes me smile!! Kay Thompson is just electric and Fred messing with the guitar and rolling around on the floor is a riot!
  2. Hello everyone! My name's Ashley, I've been keeping up with the lectures but haven't had time to do a Daily Dose until now! What better way to dive into it than with Fred and Ginger?? I love classic movies as you all do, i've seen many musicals and grew up watching them with my mom and aunties, and I would have to say they are my favorite onscreen pairing. Now with my reflection, Like many of you have stated, the battle of the sexes is clearly shown through Ginger's dress and the style of this particular dance. There are so many wonderful dances that Fred and Ginger engage in (if you are anything like me, i've sure you've swooned at them many times) where Ginger is in a beautiful gown and Fred is in his top hat and tails and it's pure fantasy escapism. If I was a cartoon, my eyes would have little hearts in the pupils watching these dances every time. However,this one is markedly different because Ginger is wearing pants! In the 1930's no less, and when Katharine Hepburn was scrutinized in her daily life for wearing slacks. How dare a WOMAN literally and figuratively wear the pants and assert herself as an equal?? This is exactly what Ginger's character does in this scene where she is visibly bored with Fred's song and begins to be excited and engaged when they go toe to toe with one another. He sees that he has met his match, and they shake hands at the end. The romantic wooing will come later, the audience is sure of it, but for now they know that their budding relationship is built on a foundation of mutual admiration and respect.
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