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  1. 1. What do you notice about the way the scene is directed while Petunia goes to Joe's bed and when we cut her off outside the laundry? What does this tell us about your relationship and the connection to music? It seems to me that this happiness that Joe has in her life brings into her life even when she is doing household chores or when she is away from him. As if that love and devotion made her a fulfilled person. 2. How would music change if it were a woman singing about her son? Does the cultural meaning change? As? I think love and devotion would continue however differe
  2. 1. This scene has more mid planes and the camera moves when they move and when they stop. For the editor, the raccords help in the fluidity of the scene. 2. The way she stands in front of him hindering her passing already as in a dance move and the soundtrack also already showing a movement serve as an introduction to the musical scene that will begin.
  3. 1. The Wizard of Oz. The powerful voice, the gentleness in Judy's gaze and the presence of the stage always impressed me. 2. Perhaps this most playful and mocking aspect of her characters has always gone unnoticed for I considered her more austere and serious. 3. I love her acting in The Pirate and all the movies she does with Gene Kelly, because the chemistry of both was palpable and any story was believable when she sang and he tapped.
  4. What other aspects of the battle of the sexes do you see indicated in this clip or in the movie Top hat? In the Screwball comedy and musical films of this period, the battle of the sexes is constant. But in this scene I see a different dispute, one wanting to show others their attributes and that they are on an equal footing. Tapping is often the weapon used in these films to demonstrate this. How does this movie stand out from other Depression-era musicals we watched or discussed this week? Top hat seems more like a romantic comedy than the others and takes on the characterist
  5. 1.What do you notice about Lubitsch's touch? How do the props, the dialogue and the staging help you to understand the character of Alfred (Maurice Chevalier)? The books on the piano, a travel photo, the handkerchief in his pocket, all lead one to believe that the character is a bourgeois intellectual. The fact that he has a strap on his hand almost shows the whole scene that he is a carefree and relaxed guy. 2. Based on this scene, what are some of the things you notice about using sound in the scene? Describe a specific sound or line of dialogue you hear and what you think adds to the effe
  6. In these scenes it is noticeable that between Bruce and Marie is happening a game of conquest, they approach and move away like a dance. In the beginning she is distant from him and then while he sings she will soften and finish the first scene by mocking each other and the effect of the music already dissipated. In the second scene where there is no dialogue between the two, all the feelings are transmitted by the exchanges of looks and the tenderness with which Bruce looks at Marie. Marie seems to be strong and does not want to deliver that she is fond of Bruce while Bruce tries to woo her b
  7. These escapist and softening features of musicals and almost all Hollywood cinema of this period continued through the 1960s when Italian neorealism and the French Novelle Vague would influence Hollywood filmmakers to break the tradition of classical narrative and pursue more complicated and heavy themes. That is why after the 60's the musicals lose popularity and also become. But escapism will always be inherent in this genre, as la la land recently proved.
  8. I have a several favorit musicals because it's my favorit genre... But Mamma Mia I love watch in a cold afternoon underneath my blankets... Les miserables is very sad but I watched a billion times and Moulin Rouge is my favorit musical ever!!!! From the classics I love Sound of music and Mary Poppins and all the Gene Kellys and Barbra Streisand musicals... And all the Audrey hepburns movies.... I love her!
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