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  1. Alfred is obviously a scoundrel as per the garter that is found by his mistress. The gun which is placed in the desk with all the others tells the audience he’s done this many times before reinforcing the scoundrel persona. Thirdly when he expertly zips up the dress show he’s well practiced at his art. I liked the 4th wall break at the beginning telling the audience that “she’s jealous “again show his roguish flair for life. The same theme is used here as in most musicals, shows life being much lighter in the movies especially in musicals. The rich abundant life styles we all wish we could esc
  2. The musicals from 1929-39 portray an elegant luxurious life style. A much brighter outlook on life than the the 24.9% unemployment ravaging the United States during this period.People could escape the harsh realities of life by going to see wonderfully presented fantasies, and all for just a dime. William Powell, one of my favourite actors and Frank Morgan, (the wizard) use facial expressions to convey their dislike or distrust of each other to comedic perfection. Anne Hurd is shown attempting to undress in front of the audience. Post code would have her behind a wardrobe screen out of view.
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