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  1. I think this clip was by far my favorite from the week! Without translating the dialogue to English so many things are implied with a wink to the audience. For example, her husband was unable to zip up her dress yet the man standing off to the side had no problem with this task. The use of sound was perfect. I love it when a director isn't afraid to have some silence in a scene, as a movie watcher is makes me pay more attention to what is (and isn't) being said. The use of contrast in this film was also beautiful, it was clear that the director really understood how to light this scen
  2. 1. I found this clip did show a very lighthearted and glamorous perspective of this time period. All the characters were dressed well, the two leads were made up to look very glamorous in their nice clothes, which may not have been the case for the average American at the time. The lead character had no problem leaving a 5 pound note with the front doorman and purchased a very expensive flower arrangement, again most likely not the norm for most people of this era. 2. The whole scene gave me the "everything is going to be ok" feeling to it. I would assume that many people attending t
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