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  1. I watched those same movies! Today I watched Rose Marie, Follow the Fleet, The Gay Divorcee, Shall We Dance, Swing Time, Wizard of Oz, Top Hat and Three Smart Girls. Although I won't have the time to marathon watch next week, I can see that I will be pretty sleep deprived this month!
  2. Donald O'Connor and Dan Dailey get my vote! I loved watching Dan Dailey and Betty Grable movies...
  3. I always love Stan's voice on the radio and this video was great as it sounded just like the newsreels of old!
  4. I was wondering about this too. I really wanted to see Hallelujah since it was discussed and one I hadn't seen before but it was airing at 3:45 am and I'd already stayed up until 2am watching Gold Diggers of 1933...I finally had to go to bed! I can tell I'm going to be quite sleep deprived this month!
  5. Glad I saw this! I couldn't figure it out either but clicking in the modules worked for me too! Thanks!
  6. I've always loved Jimmy Stewart but had never seen him in a musical before I watched Born to Dance. He was very good and had a much better voice than I would have thought! I enjoyed the film quite a lot! I too enjoyed seeing Buddy Ebsen in this..and also in Broadway Melody of 1936. Of course I knew he was a singer/dancer and had been in the Wizard of Oz until his allergy to the metallic paint derailed that...but I knew him best of course as Jed Clampitt and Barnaby Jones. What a long career he had!
  7. Many of my favorites are showing this month but so many more are not. I love Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner in The King and I...great chemistry there! Carousel is another I love if only for "You'll Never Walk Alone"-always makes me cry. The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins are childhood favorites that I saw on the big screen when they first were released! (Fiddler on the Roof too but it was on the schedule!) And then there are all the Betty Grable and Dan Dailey films that I loved watching on TV on Sunday afternoons like Mother Wore Tights and When My Baby Smiles At Me...It was fun to see Be
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