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  1. 1.    Do you agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic? Why or why not?

    I agree with the others that this presents a brighter perspective than would have been realistic.  In that era only the wealthy could afford to see those types of shows, and this allows us all to glimpse that lifestyle; but I also think that the playful nature of the Held character was pretty accurate as the stereotype of the French were supposed to be tantalizing and coy in appearance, but entirely something else behind closed doors and Held exhibits this.

    2.    What themes or approaches might you anticipate from this clip in other Depression era musicals?

    I have always thought that the historical pictures were made by a generation that is aging and reflecting on the past, as we all do, and reflecting that those were "better times".  If you notice, in the 1930/40s there were lots of themes from the 1890/1900s.  In the 1960/70s, the themes were 1920/30 etc.   Those movies are MOST accurate because of the people that lived them could relate to facts and NOT what we interpreted them to be.  Just as I remember the 1960/70s and find some of the movies about that time period are NOT accurate because is an interpretation of what someone has seen in pictures/books.    I would expect to see more themes of the time period of this movie of the happy good old days needed to lift the spirits of the depression era.

    3.    Since this is a musical that was made after the motion picture code was enforced, how might you imagine it might have been filmed or scripted differently if it had been pre-code? Give specific examples.

    The Anna Held character irritated me as she was so icky sweet and not very interesting (although beautiful!).  I think in reality, without the codes, she would have been represented as more free and not so tolerant.  I don't think Ziegfeld would have been as likable and probably portrayed more as the womanizer/controlling man that he was.  However, movies then were made to entertain and NOT bring in the daily troubles that everyone lives themselves, so I still think it would have been pretty "tame" by todays standards (or lack of!). 

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