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  1. I caught this in the discussion as well. I remember watching these movies in the past and thinking that this is how actors and actresses really lived and that's 'show business'. Although these movies were to take your mind off of the depression and what was happening in their lives; these big sets were also probably to show-off the big movie studios; appear that they were glamorous and rich; even though they spent a lot of money bringing in sound, etc.
  2. This is the first time I've really noticed these two dancers. Powell dazzled me when I watched her as Labelle Arlette. So casual and just looked unrehearsed and 'free'. I questioned to myself how they got the tap sound dupped because it just didn't look like a specific dance routine. Keeler, to me, fit 42nd Street--she fit as a chorus girl rather than a lead in my opinion. Now, both had talent; don't get me wrong. Both are talented with their own unique style. It would be interesting to me, if you took out the studio & contracts; would either woman fit better in their counter-studio'
  3. Couples - Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen. Group Dance - Good Mornin' with Gene, Debbie & "Cosmo". Individual dance routine - Fred Astaire --Ceiling Dance
  4. Musicals I watch over and over....Any Rogers & Hammerstein (soundtracks are in my car), Elvis movies (always a pick-me-up). Singing in the Rain is tops on my list too (actually is locked into my DVR--as is Mary Poppins). Really like the feel-good, toe-tappin' musicals that you know will have a happy ending. I am not a movie-goer; I need to be entertained....not scared, not gory, I just need something that turns this crazy world into a happy place.
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