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  1. If the song were belted out, I feel that the pace of the song would be much faster too. With the pace being slower, you think as to what is being sung.
  2. After having such strong female leads in the 40’s, this starts our with a strong female lead just like women had to be when the west was young. As the story goes on, the character softens because she falls in love. This changes her to conform to the male ideal of a woman just like the women had to leave the workplace after the war when the men came back to their jobs.
  3. It is almost like a game of tag and stays in the tight grouping of four. The difference is that there is no lead in this grouping. The background colors are bright and colorful which offsets the the more subdued colors of the clothing worn by the characters. Everyone is equal.
  4. It opens that it is evening as she walks to his bedside. As she sings about Joe, we view a tight shot of just the two of them. She sings lovingly, almost prayer like because she is relieved that her Joe is going to be alright. Cutting to outside as she takes the laundry down there is a pep in her voice and step as she sings to Joe. Her love and caring shows as she moves him out of the sun, then she sings dreamily. The song would change if a woman were singing about her child. As for as the lyrics, a woman would not be wondering if her child “loves her good that all I needs to know.
  5. Garrett is clearly chasing Sinatra. The shot shows as the camera is pulled back and the scene is wide to show a large area. Once they both stop, the camera changes to a close up centered on Garrett and Sinatra. This far/close/far setup continues for the duration of the song. Garrett is waiting for Sinatra to come out of the players only room. As he comes out of the room, strains of music begins and as he approaches Garrett she side steps to block him. Each step the music plays one note and guilds as Sinatra turns to go in the opposite direction up the stairs. This prepare us for sin
  6. Like most, the first I remember seeing Judy Garland was Wizard of Oz. I would think that I was glad that I was not Dorothy because of all she went through. It was good to see her leading in adult roles.
  7. From the beginning of the clip as Cohan and the butler go up the stairs, you view the portraits of presidents. Once inside the office, you notice that Cohan is wearing a flag pin on his lapel. In the flashback, there is a lot of flag waving and also a parade, which you realize that it is the 4th of July. There are many places where the dialog boosts American morale. The conversation between the butler and Cohan as the butler talks about seeing Cohan 30 years prior. “The play was George Washington Junior. You was just singing and dancing to all about the grand ol’ flag.” As the camer
  8. Powell’s style shows that she had the classic ballet training by the way she holds her upper body. Back is straight, arms are graceful, loose and fluid while her legs and feet do all of the work. Keeler in the other hand is total “hoofer”. Her whole body goes into the tap.
  9. The battle of the sexes in this clip shows by Fred starting off and Ginger responding by duplicating and even throwing a little something else in. By the time they have joined together and dance rather fast, it is almost as each is trying to take the lead. By wearing the suit, Ginger has become more bolder and almost demands to be an equal. The p-possible reason for change between men and women in these movies is that in reality women were filling in jobs because men were called away to fight in war. The movies reflect strong women at that time.
  10. Even though I don’t know any French, it doesn’t take much guesswork to understand what is transpiring. At first you think that Alfred is the husband, and his wife is jealous because she found a garter that was not hers. The door rattles and you find that it is the husband at the door. Every gesture, look, and scene shot helps you understand. After the gunshot rings out, you see a brief shot of the street and people reacting to hearing the gunshot. Alfred goes to the outside door after the couple has left and opens it. You hear the crowd that gathered out I. This tell that there is n
  11. I agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life that’s might be realistic. Money was hard to come by for the average person. This clip shows that money is no object by people going to a show, the star of the show getting a rather large bouquet of orchids ($$$). Definitely brighter than reality at the time. I anticipate similar themes of higher society to allow the viewers chance to live in another reality for a little while. I would say that it would have been scripted showing the difficult economic times. Joking about “losing weight” by giving a 5-pound note.
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