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  1. I know some say he is “choosing”’when they dance and leading her but you are loosing the context when you think that. She doesn’t have to dance at all. she had previously refused to dance with him. She’s dancing b/c 1.they have nothing else to do. 2. her competitive personality wants to take the challenge. He’s not bossing her, she’s doing him a favor every time she responds. This song is used as dialogue to move the story and evolve the characters relationship, instead of as an aside or dream sequence. As for During this song pre-code I think she would’ve been kveling over him after a brief
  2. I really like the “touch” and I think it’s a visual version of what radio did with a lot of the breaksnfor sound effects. You have to stop and observe and comprehend for a moment to complete the setting/character in your mind.
  3. To touch on 1. And 3. It’s typical that she’s clearly a bit embarrassed to be seen there but doesn’t seem to think why is he there with 2 women having off him, clearly a regular and she’s not at all bothered by that. I haven’t seen the scene that follows maybe that is addressed but that 1-way street for seedy places and activities is a familiar trope.
  4. I really don’t see why she is being viewed as “flitty” etc. for waffling about seeing the man that sent her flowers. She was likely about to sign a contract with his rival, hebis unknown to her, he wagers his best chance of getting his foot in the door is impressive flower delivery and it works. This is still a tactic in business and love to this day! Honestly I’d like to give credit this is showing a woman making a responsible business decision.
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