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  1. 1. It would have not helped display the character's sensitive personality. This is an intimate moment. 2. They are both deprived of a meaningful relationship for their own reasons. His lifestyle doesn't really allow him to commit and she's embarrassed of the attraction. They look at each other and he responds to her song by walking behind her with a smile. 3. They start the scene on the same frame but then the camera is on her when she starts singing. Then we see him following her with the camera on his back and focused on her. As the song progresses the camera is only on
  2. 1. In both films we see a woman being dominated by the male around the same era and she has a breaking point. Except in Gaslight he is plain evil. The use of shadows is similar. 2. Cukor supports the actors with lighting. At first she's sad in the shadow then the light is on her face when she has the emotional outburst. He seems unaware of her feelings and then tries to make it better. Who says no to chocolate? Cukor puts them both in the same frame making their dialogue flow smoothly without cuts. 3. There is enough trust for her to speak up and he responds by showing that h
  3. 1. During the code era we see Fred and Ginger and men going to war and a lot patriotism in musicals. There was usually an Alpha Male and individualism was suspicious. 2. I can see individualism in both characters. 3. I don't recall seeing him in other movies except for the Music Man. A classic!
  4. 1. It looks back to backstage musicals. It looks ahead at the change in entertainment because now is directed to a younger audience instead of families and they don't want that kind of show anymore. 2. Rosalind Russell knew her way on stage. She walks in like she owns the stage and yells to her daughter to sing louder. She's so persistent selling her girls, she's not walking out unless they are in the show. 3. Baby June is the main attraction here. She's innocent and a great dancer while Louise doesn't have that kind of talent. She's sucking her thumb indicating her innocence
  5. 1. It creates the contrast between reality and fantasy. In this scene we see a normal down to earth artist that is doing what he likes no matter what anyone thinks. His paintings match with the background (soft colors of streets and buildings are the same on his paintings) making them not remarkable. 2. I think he is honest and not used to the attention. He knows the college girl is not really an intellectual, anything she says she overheard. He can't believe the rich lady is interested in his paintings and their value. I think he is likable for being just a normal guy without pr
  6. 1. When O'Connor starts teasing the professor little by little Kelly joins in until every action teasing him is synchronized, then when they're using their hands to tap on the the table they immediately start tap dancing. 2. His role is to stay serious and he shows he is offended. Although Kelly is taking the class seriously at first he joins in when O'Connor starts making fun of the professor. 3. The professor is eccentric and has an air of superiority making him look not very masculine, Kelly is the Alpha male here and O'Connor the fun friend guy.
  7. 1. Calamity Jane is different because she's a tomboy. She doesn't dress or act feminine and wants to be treated as an equal. That is what makes her character so funny. 2. Doris Day played the typical girl next door of her era in previous films. In Calamity Jane she proves to be able to play a character that behaves different than the norm but she is still a natural actress. In the second clip she sounds more sweet like the real Doris. She's able to play different roles and still be herself. That's what makes her such a great actress. 3. Her bright and sunny persona adds to t
  8. 1. At first they are trying to convince Tony who is quickly convinced and joins in with all the ideas for a show based on real life events. The difference is than the four of them are working together, they have an equal part on this number. 2. They are wearing their regular clothes. 3. They are friends and they have knowledge of show business and play little parts and use props. They are working as a team to come up with a show.
  9. 1. She's a devoted woman. Her prayers have been answered and she has no words, she's so grateful and happy, it's a miracle he's alive. She can't be happier that her love is with her and her devotion to him is clear. She's there for him. She's happy hanging clothes and checking on him. She loves him so much that even holding his shirt gives her joy. 2. If the song was about her child it would be different because a mother/child relationship is more permanent. A mother doesn't wonder if her child loves her. Even when the child grows up and flies out of the nest their relationship
  10. 1. He's totally unaware coming out playing with a baseball, she's planning to see him by waiting for him to come out. She's not letting him get away so she blocks him, he gets scared and starts running away, she persists by following him with that predatory look. As she runs after him the music helps make this scene more exciting. She takes control by stoping him "Hey!" then she begins the song asking him to stop stalling and playing with her then the ball is used for the metaphor. And the sound effects are very precise with the music and the sound of ball landing (all this awesome job do
  11. 1. The first Judy Garland movie I recall watching was The Wizard of Oz. I thought she had the most beautiful voice. Nobody can sing like Judy. 2. I can see she was a great comedienne and it is easy to look at her more. She's very funny. And in the second one she's very natural and is able to multitask. She shows more maturity and is very involved with Gene Kelly. 3. I like her in Meet Me in St. Louis, every song is fantastic. It's a film that forms part of my family tradition, specially around the holidays. I'm very glad she changed the lyrics of "Have Yourself a Merry Li
  12. 1. The scene promotes American values like love for family and patriotism. We see the White House, the President, the flags, and the military. 2. Shows and parades boost the American morale and this is evident in the dialogue when Mr. Cohan says he's "always carrying a flag in a parade or following one" and he mentions the Civil War and the president says his family have been giving shows all over 47 states in this great country. Then the story begins with the 4th of July parade and a show. 3. It would've been different because of the fact that he ends up talking to the presiden
  13. I love Fred and Ginger movies. Top Hat is so entertaining. There's a very funny scene that makes me laugh every time when her friend is cheering for her (right before "Cheek to Cheek") and Dale is shocked because she thinks is her husband. Both females in this film are strong independent and sure of themselves. In the clip of "Isn't it a Lovely Day" she is not very willing to let him in but then when they are dancing in harmony she likes him. There's a little detail I noticed this time that probably makes it different from other movies. Some scenes end with the beginning of a
  14. 1. I notice the Lubitsch touch when Alfred breaks the fourth wall saying "She's terribly jealous" and she comes out of the room furious about the garter, he tries to get out of the mess by telling her is hers and she shows her legs to show is not hers. The camera moves to the door and now he breaks the fourth wall again and tell us "her husband!" After she tries to kill herself with the gun and her husband tries to kill him and then realize the gun wasn't loaded the husband goes to her and hugs her shaking her bosom to add humor. Alfred puts the gun inside a drawer where he keeps a collecti
  15. In the first scene she's playing hard to get and makes fun of him because he's been singing the same song to other girls (like that's his line) and in the second scene she shows her vulnerability and their eyes meet and you can tell how much he likes her. He's doing the chasing.
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