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  1. Fanny Brice lived an interesting life, from her burlesque days to her turbulence marriage with Nicky. When she was on stage, she'd give her performances with total emotion from comedic routines to her rendition of My Man. She didn't need to put on an act when she performed, she would do it with total heart. While Streisand performed from the script, although she gave her all, she didn't have the emotional drive behind the story, like Brice had. The song is being sung to Nicky about taking a break from their rocky relationship. She does give it her all and it is empowering as well as with the t
  2. In Gaslight, when Bergman finds the truth to Boyar scheme, she begins to trap him and questions him, the way he did to her previously in the film. Keeping her composure throughout the whole conduct til she gets Boyar to confess his con. While in My Fair Lady, when Higgin's bet is won and Eliza must go back to her old ways, Hepburn throws tantrum and cries like a child, which Higgin's calls her out on her behavior, but his quick snap makes him look petty and hurtful, and Eliza is innocent (which in a way yes). Hepburn is fending for herself, while Bergman has a few companions helping her
  3. I would say that it all depends on the style of the music and the presentation of the number changes the style of masculinity of a person. In the music man, Preston had more movement and used his whole stage to get his point across, while in Victor/Victoria he is much older in am, and with a bit more elegance and class. Both characters are con artist, but they both play the game with a different handle, one youthful as an everyday man, while the other portrayed as an upperclassman who is well diverse and have seen the world. In the Music Man, Preston comes to town with a con in mind, but
  4. The style of the music in this film is different from the classical hits, especially with Gypsy Lee Rose and her burlesque days and Baby June and her performance high kicks. Mama Rose was the splitting image of Mom-Manager, making her voice and appearance known to all and not let anyone try to step on her. Her entrance is grand and so is her exit. She makes her presence known, she steps over everyone in her path and corrects them to her views only. When she gets what she wants, then she is satisfied, but when you cross Mama Rose, the n the steamroller comes out. Mama always had a drea
  5. The ballet scene had a unique style to the film, a fantasy style number that brings a dream like look to it. Minnelli had a way to his films that he brought out all the elements that would make his films as iconic as they have been all these years. From technicolor, camera angles, costumes, and the lights to bring out the highlights from the films. Realism is a fair point in productions, but audience comes to watch films to get away from the things in their world that is tiresome and into a world of fantasy and amusement. Kelly has a charisma appearance that can be seen in all his films,
  6. O'Conner able to play a straight character but in this film he plays a comedic sidekick to Kelly's straight man. From cracking jokes here and there to adding a comedic flare to his dance as seen in Make Em Laugh, and the two numbers he paired with Fit as a Fiddle and Moses Supposes. Kelly, more of an alpha male role in this film, as well as his dance flare is chest out, athletic physic and into a leading demure. Though their different character arcs, they show they can keep up with one another with Kelly strong and O'Conner a little bit flexible with their moves. A show the two did many years
  7. That's Entertainment is like an Anthem to all, like the Show must go one. The gang try to cheer Astaire character and get him to join the show. No matter what the show may be, it's in his blood and they know he'd be out of sorts if he back out now. As they sing, they include one another in all sorts of gags of the theater and full around like kids in a toy shop. Entertainer's entertain, even when they are off the stage. They each bring in their own self talents as well as those of their characters. Buchanan's pretentious satire theater elements, Astaire and Fabray's musical background of song
  8. Petunia is shocked and yet amazed that Little Joe survived his brush of death and sings his praises. The style of the song, how I see it showcasing Petunia love for her husband restored as she thanks the heavens for returning her man, and in the next seen as she does the laundry, her tone and style slightly change showing Petunia now singing to her man with love, rather than singing about him. I don't think the style of the song would be any different if Little Joe was in fact a Baby Joe. The way Waters sings to him with such devotion and admiration, no matter what is in pl
  9. There are a lot of patriotism shown in this clip as well as through the whole film. As shown in the first segment of the flashback scene, a parade is ensue with an adoring crowds cheering and waving flags. Not even a protester or naysayer in sight. Even going back to the beginning of the clip when Cohen arrives to the White house, what an honor to be invited to the court of the President, given Cohen someone the President admires and values. Cohen even wears an american flag on his lapel, small to see, but still important. Cohen even tells the President that ever since he was young american va
  10. Well Calamity Jane isn't like most women, she is a tough and strong character, like one of the guys, unfortunately she doesn't quite fit in the category of women in the 1950's. There are some characteristics that do play out. The 50's with the rebirth after the war (baby boomers) picking up on wholesome family values, as well as following guide to women feminine and how although women can be equal to men (as seen when the men were off to war, the woman has to do their part, keep bread on the table, work jobs, etc), they do have their place now. Day (tomboy qualities) and Keel characters are eq
  11. I do like the privacy the two actors have in this number, but I wouldn't mind seeing maybe a few background actors (baseball players, spectators, etc) out side by the bleachers or watching the comedy scenario take place. Maybe a few ads here or there, or posters promoting the game. I never been to a baseball game before, so I am not quite familiar with the set up or the ambiance of the place, nor am saying they didn't set up the seen correctly, but there does seem to be a few things that could have been in affect. The chase and movement around the bleachers was a good effect of Sinatra's entr
  12. The first film of Garland that introduced me to an amazing and talented actress was The Wizard of Oz. I adore the story about the Land of Oz ever since I was a kid and it still stays with me even now. And the rendition Garland gave in her performance as Dorothy was so moving and inspirational as a dream is within reach if we believe. Garland was a versatile actress and you can see what kind of drive she had in all her films donning from her child acting days at MGM to her amazing hits before finally reaching that rainbow the sky she kept singing about. My opinion of Judy hasn't changed
  13. Just like its predecessor, minimum dialogue is used in this scene, its more visual, with the slight hands tricks, gestures, Chevalier breaking the 4th wall explaining the over obvious notions, the many guns in the drawer, the small tasks the husband can't handle (shooting, zipper, looking for an exit wound, etc) and Chevalier cleaning up as if this wasn't the first time he has done this (knowing where the gun should be place, not reacting to the gun shot, and smiling at the husband when he forgives his wife). There are a few sound effects in tact and some that goes unheard, like the gun s
  14. One can see that the two are smitten with one another in the first clip, but can't get the words across. Eddy's tries his best to start something with McDonald, but she seems uninterested, especially when he tries to compare himself with the gentlemen she is already with. When he does find a common factor, he begins to sing, which at first McDonald brushes aside but finds herself smiling and taping along with the song. When he finishes the song, instead of expressing his feelings towards her, he brushes the song and says he can add any name, replacing Rose Marie to his leisure. Which leaves Mc
  15. I understand the concept of Battle of the Sexes could be found in this clip, but in all honesty in my opinion I don't see it. They are not competing with one another, more like showing that they are alike and just as well can keep up with one another. Astaire was smitten with Rogers character at the beginning and tried to get a moment alone with her to her neglect. When he does sneak the carriage and they find themselves alone in a gazebo during the storm, a plan is in motion. He sings about what luck they have by being caught in the rain, to her unimpressed. but soon catches her attention whe
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