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  1. 1) The music, the American flags being proudly displayed ....and not to mention, nothing more American than walking into the White House where our Presidents of past and present resided and loved our country just as every household within the U.S.... 2) ....the way Cohen spoke to FDR about his love and passion for this country and camaraderie with Irish Americans wearing their patriotism on their hearts "You carry your love of country like a flag, right out in the open. It’s a great quality”. 3)... it definitely would be a different scene, but with a more lighter tone if opened with a parade. With the WH scene it gives more of a sincere, deep, patriotic heartbeat and gives an official "this is America" stamp of approval per se
  2. I'm a big kid, lol...I love too many, as you can tell I can go on, but as to name songs i'm horrible at that: Sound of Music. An American in Paris. Pete's Dragon (the original). Brigadoon. Finians Rainbow. Mary Poppins. Anything Shirley Temple Annie. The Greatest Showman. My Fair Lady. Singing in the Rain Bye Bye Birdie. Wizard of Oz. Last years Beauty & the Beast Phantom of the Opera. Hairspray. Pirates of Penzance. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
  3. The dance reminded me of the song "Anything you can do, I can do better"... Fred did his, Ginger matched him back- with flair! The outfits and dance were matched perfectly, probably to give the impression of his vs hers... but by then, I'm sure the audience already knew this pair, was a match on any dance floor Ginger & Fred seems to be on equal plateaus per se... the woman isn't as objectified and it showed a regular life setting ~wasn't for a "show", just the natural pleasure of dance I think that the film made light of people with money, during the time when people probably thought money would solve all of the problems, ....it just showed even wealthy people had issues too
  4. Lubitsch seemed like he would get the inside joke, ..if he were ones friend!...lol... his props he planned were quite funny, in a quirky way...and Chevalier, not just in this movie clip, but in other movies I've seen him in-tends to have these type of props or statements that are quirky (Ive had a crush on him 4 a while, :) all those guns in the drawer, lol... he was quite the player and used to those tactics, lo...lThe sound quality was clear & strong to me, especially with the pop of the gun not to mention the crowd reaction, being outside too, seemed appropriate as such...Lubitsch, I'm assuming, tried to "loosen" the realities of relationships during those times by almost a slapstick/pun theme... make oneself laugh instead of taking relationships and life so seriously
  5. I'm having the same problem as some... my VIP is only showing a grey box. The pre-vip I was able to do sheet I hit continued on that one, but to no av avail I hand's yet to be able to do this one. Can anyone point me in right direction please? Dr Edward's screen shots helped me with that pre-vip one, but these others just grey boxes... any help appreciated
  6. 1. To me it is evident, just from that few moment clip, that Eddy and MacDonald really digs one another, they are alone in a canoe on a gorgeous night in the middle of nowhere! Just within the first few moments of the clip starting, you could hear the warm tone of his voice and his sincerity of basically saying "you have everything you need in this townands in this canoe!". Macdonald certainly knows how to play hard to get, but she definitely is giving a positive signal with Edddy with her beautiful yet playful eyes. 2. Ive seen Jeanette McDonald in an old fave of mine, San Francisco and Rose-Marie. 3. It seems the male-female interaction, still male dominant. And no matter what, sexuality still "sells" The women are the "entertainers" and that just ordinary singing wasn't sitiing well with the bar patrons, beding completely ignored, because Macdonald was not oozing her sexuality. I assume the code had restrictions of how much and what would be considered vulgar and over-the-top sexuality etc...
  7. Even though I am not able to watch the clip (when you hit play, it is a black screen-but I can listen to what was going on) I can certainly hear the upbeat and pleasantries of that moment. I'm assuming this was not only to make the film lighthearted, but to maybe help the audience forget about that moment of unrest, unemployment and hard times. You really couldn't help but smile, hearing the women's voices (as like I started earlier, I only could hear, no video played-just voices) could definitely made that movie-goers day better.
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