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  1. You know actually you put a lot of things in perspective for me with your smarta** remarks....movies are just movies and lists are a dime a dozen...
  2. You know actually you put a lot of things in perspective for me with you smarta** remarks....movies are just movies and lists are a dime a dozen...
  3. Citizen Kane is considered one of the greatest American movies ever made for the reasons previously mentioned. I would also like to add that the beginning of the movie to me IS A WORK OF ART! It has been emulated, copied, borrowed from etc... It is poetry in pictures. And such economy of pictures too. That's what pure film IS ALL ABOUT...come on PURISTS. Through the barriers over the barriers to the soul to find answers...but no getting many. And the Deep Focus...fascinating to watch. We see ceilings for the first time...so what?...yea it's a big deal. Greg Toland is a genius...Orson
  4. Bansai, Yes I am sad I missed the 59 older hollywood stars and yes you are correct I could have exercised that volume button....somehow this time they just went too far.
  5. mrkgeebee you know good and well that was not the venue for that diatribe and it put a damper on the whole evening for many and ALSO overshadowed the ACTUAL reason that most gathered there in the first place...to celebrate the hollywood film industry. THAT WAS THE ORIGINAL INTENTION OF THE OSCARS OH SO MANY YEARS AGO. It also had the lowest ratings of any Oscars ever.
  6. I posted on the other site as suggested...but I'm gonna say it here too. But maybe just a little shorter...because I realized WHY I AM SO ANGRY! The illusion of Hollywood....stars....cinema...art...the magic has been systmatically destroyed because of a few that have come to confuse the captive audience of our attention as an opportunity to cram their beliefs down our throats. Therefore, I chose not to watch. They have destroyed the illusion for me.
  7. I did not watch the oscars because I knew they couldn't keep their mouths shut. I have had it. There was a time when their personal lives and their film careers did not collide and over power one another. That time (sweet magical time) has gone. The oscars are now about which STAR has enough money and clout behind them. Even the clothes...rented or worn to advertise....I have come to find it disgusting. I know it's all about business, product, money....and that didn't use to bother me. But it is too in your face even for me now! I saw clips on the news and I just had to laugh out loud
  8. Yea! That was a good one. It was about an invalid or sick person. A relative had hired a nurse to watch them for the evening cause they were going somewhere. That same evening there was a terible storm. AND a crazy murderer had escaped from prison or insane asylum. So the nurse arrives and begins to take care of the patient and then things begin to happen....the lights go out...the phone is dead....the front door is found open and the nurse disappears....that show scared the crap outta me. It's one of my favorite Hitchcocks. I also think it was near the end of the series on TV. Don't
  9. Madonna and her husband should be strung up with piano wire for trying to REMAKE a clssic!!!! It was done right the first time!!!! And they used Giannini's son no less in their crime!
  10. Yes rear view mirrors are mostly absent from cars because of cameras.
  11. Oh, my goodnes! I could fantasize...I mean think about this one ALL DAY! I'm making a multi-national list. As soon as I finish it I could probably think of 10 more. Movies are an escape you know. 30's/40's - Anton Walbrook, Robert Donat, Jean Marais, Humphrey Bogart, Carey Grant, Fred Mac Murray, John Garfield. 40's/50's - Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum, John Kerr, Dana Andrew, William Holden. 60's - Peter O'Toole, Alan Bates, Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland, Sean Connery. 70's - Giancarlo Giannini, Gene Hackman, Gerard Dipardieu,Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino. 80's - Michael Douglas, Bru
  12. And when she runs off with her sister's husband, they stay in a hotel? and she walks in and says "WHAT A DUMP!!" I LOVE IT!!! One of my favorite lines ever!
  13. That's funny I was thinking of Abott and Costello's Susquehana Hat Company skit this morning. It's so funny!
  14. Good idea. I have ALWAYS been fascinated by the timing of the making of a certain movie or the release. I know a MILLION things go into those decisions. But movies aren't made in a vacuum. I think they reflect the times they are made in but also some attempt to express ideals of that time and at times even manipulate the publics thinking. Therefore it would be very interesting to see a whole years line up and think back about what was going on in society at the time too. I know most people do this anyway.
  15. I saw that AMC matathon. I thought I'ld died and gone to heaven! Many years ago some station use to show the Basil Rathbone Sherlock's on Saturday nights! It was sooo great!
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