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  1. This song a real classic is done in a tender quiet moment. Belting out a song like many actresses do on stage would have taken away from the momen a quiet set ,two people elegantly dressed. Fanny Brice who always seems to be trying to get more classy sings this song very soulfully reveling her vulnerability to a man who unfortunately does not see that side of her. LOVE THIS MOVIE.
  2. This scene has always kept me analyzing the characters. I have always felt sorry for Eliza. She seems so young so vulnerable in this scene. Asking over and over again what will happen now. I feel that Professor Higgins is even more removed from her feelings.He cannot understand why she is carrying on so.. I believe Cukor wants us to really think about all that has happrned to each character. To ask someone to change their whole personality for someone else is demanding and not always fair. The characters are more honest with each other but they still have a long way to understand each other.
  3. I love Robert Preston. Seeing him in a grand movie theater in The Music Man n downtown Cleveland Ohio as a 12 year old child literally changed my life. I was mesmerized by his charming con man role as Professor Hill. His warm smile ,his understanding eyes his singing voice his character portraya made me see the way a character could come alive on the screen. I bought the soundtrack, wore out the album and saw every kive production of The Music Man that I could see. His portrsyal of Harold Hill got me interested in musicals a passion that I have to this day.. My Mom allowed me as that young g
  4. Rosalind Russels's entrance is so well timed and perfect. Her larger than life entrance tales over the entire scene and the screen. You cannot keep your eyes off of her. Her directions to all on the set, her knowledge of the predetermined winner and her never stop personality to keep her daughters performing no matter what anyone else says. You just cant stop her and that hat pin you just know what is going to happen to the balloon girl. You just feel like you are in that audience watching her on stage. The entire movie feels like you are watching it from the seats of a theater.
  5. His smile, his ability to speak with folks on the street his wonderful ability to walk with grace. He can play a likeable cad better than anyone. Once he starts speaking with Nina Foch his meaness really comes out. His reference to those third year girls coming to study art really shows his envy as a starving artist and he directs that anger on Nina Foch who sees to be even more motivated to get her man.
  6. This clip is one of my favorites of all time. Gene Kelly and Donald O'Conner are gems. I often wish I could have been that speech teacher witnessing that dance routine. Its amazing. I believe his role is to be the audience witnesing in awe the magic of song and dance in the talkies. He is brilliant in his ability to be the silent guy following the prompts of both men. His professorial character gets the dancers respect but Gene and Donald cannot seem to resist trying to loosen him up . This is classic.
  7. Doris Day is a treasure. This movie one of the best shows her great range of talents.Her wonderful voice,her comedic side, her caring and understanding side. Her character to me shows a strong woman not afraid of danger as she rides that stagecoach and defends its goods. She is strong and feels comfortable in who she is. You could relate to the woman of the 40s taking over the jobs of the men at war. As the movie progresses she realizes she does not know all about the feminine ways and listens to the advice of her friend. But in the end she melds her ways into her own brand of feminism . When
  8. In the scene the 4 characters demonstrate that they are working together trying to solve a problem that they all have a stake in create a great Broadway show. You can tell that they are trying to covince Fred that there is a solution. And they do it by doing what they do best entertain. All 4 use their strengths dancing singing, gags and all around a great song. There is mutual respect for each other and it seems so natural not contrived with a song coming out of no where. Since they are all entertainers they prove to each other that they will solve the problem and create a great show. Th
  9. Tis scene shows the love between them but also her strong belief in their love and her role in the relationship. Her taking care of the laundry is what she would normally be doing and watching over her Joe. To me the scene is powerful in that it dhows her love, her optimism and her belief that as long as they have each other all will be right.
  10. You know that a song is coming because Frank and Betty are alone in the scene. This number seems so obvious. Not sure why they have Frank as such a weak guy character. Perhaps his off screen persona is so large that it is hard to imagine him in this role. Betty Garrett is so talented and the physical movements between the two characters well choreographed but it is nota number that you would leave the theater humming.
  11. Like everyone else the first time I saw JudyGarland was in Wizard of Oz. At home growing up I never really saw any other films starring her. No channels like TCM back then. We had many records of hers at home and I remember loving the songs she sang from the musicals not knowing they were from her movies. After seeing That's Entertainment and the clips I became a fan seeing them all many times. My Mom loved Harvey Girls so there we woild be watching her dance sing and defend her honor in the wild west. Love the scene with the steaks.I love the clip from the early movies where she sang to a pho
  12. Yankee Doodle Dandy one of the best musicals ever showcasing an era in our histiry. The film clip has president portraits on the wall, the reference to Teddy Roosevelt, the song reference to a Grand Old Flag,the Oval Office, the mention of Cohan playing the President on Broadway, the reference of Cohen`s father serving in the CivilWar, the parade in the flashback, the patriotic bunting. I believe the biggest reference is that a common man( although famous) can meet with the President of the United States. Where else but the USA . My parents got married on the 4th of July in 1942. Thi
  13. I do not see a Battle of the Sexes but more of an equality an appreciation of each dancers ability to perform. The costumes equalize the playng field so your eyes are drawn to the dance moves not just the beautiful dresses most female dancers wear. It is almost like a call and response that you experience in music. The dancing is beautiful yet athletic and shows their affection for each other. What a great dance number.
  14. First time seeing another movie to watch. The beautiful sounds of the French language, the gun going off and then finally the English dialogue. The scene is so beautifully done with the coy behavior of the lovers, the angry husband ,the shooting of Maurice and the realization of the husband and Maurice that it was just a ruse. My favorite part a drawer ful of pistols. Oh if the walls could speak. So much depicted in such a short time. Marvelous use of props and action in a scene. Its on my list.
  15. I love The Music Man. I adore Robert Preston, my first Hollywood crush. The music is so American so romantic so memorable. To me its like Marian says its the color, the lights and the way every kid walked around this town this summer. The Music Man does that to me everytime I watch it and everytime I listen to the soundtrack. I so wish I could have seen it live on Broadway with the original cast. I live the play and movie so much I never miss even a local production. Just great.
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