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  1. 1. What I saw from the first part of this clip is that she’s waiting almost like she’s outside of a hospital room waiting to see if Joe is alright. Then when she gets the signals that he’s alive she rushes to his bedside. I think it’s beautifully shot as it contains the love and raw emotion especially from Ethel Waters who knocks it out of the park with this song. Later when she is out with the laundry that feeling of love continues and only strengthens throughout the scene and of course joy is written all over her face. 2. I don’t think it would change the meaning at all. 3. Person
  2. 1. I love how the camera leads the viewer right up to the ball park stands and shape of it to direct the song. There are also quite a few medium shots that are able to showcase their expressions. The moment also when the camera follows the two actors at 1:36 which is a great slow pan to showcase the moment where he wants to jump out of the ballpark. But she pulls him right back down and then goes back to the closer two shot that has been the staple throughout the song. This is a great sequence that uses the shape of the ballpark stands to lead the song and moment between the two actors. 2
  3. 1. As most are probably going to say my first film I remember seeing her in was The Wizard of Oz. My first impression of here was that she had an amazing voice. I loved trying to copy her singing Somewhere over the Rainbow. She was also very beautiful, and I just love her as Dorothy in the film. It’s a film that I can watch over and over and that’s mostly because of Judy. Which is why she is one of my favorite actresses of all time. 2. I still think she is one of the best to come out of Hollywood. A talented actress, singer and dancer there really is no one like her that I can think of.
  4. 1. Photos of presidents, mention of the song grand old flag, flags in the background and lots of them, shot of flag flying and parade, band, soldiers. There was a lot of thought when making in terms of reflecting American values during the era of the 1940s. And I think this reflects the feeling after World War 2 was over there was a new found belief in America and traditional American values that bounced back after victory. Probably the reason why there are so many flags in this scene. 2. Mention of grand old flag song and how it was a good old song in its day. And when FDR mentions that
  5. 1. She seems to be just copying him although it does feel like she is trying to out do him in his own moves. 2. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a lovely day is one of the song lyrics so to me this reflects what we’ve already seen throughout the depression era musicals. As most say everything is fine in song and dance numbers. Also one of the other things is how Ginger is dressed which is more masculine than what we have previously seen. 3. As eras progress so do how characters are depicted, and I think with screwball comedy most characters are in a wild situation. By having Ginger in a
  6. 1. What I noticed throughout the clip is that it takes place in what seems to be a confined space yet seems very spacious by the staging of the characters. The main interactions between the characters happen when they are so close together. What also makes this work is the physical comedy of the actors along with parts of the dialogue. It is also the little moments that he breaks the fourth wall at points in the dialogue makes me think that he’s a bit of a prankster. 2. When the scene opens there are voices that I heard even though they were through the door. There’s also a lot of good v
  7. 1. In the first clip she doesn’t look at him all that much where he is looking at her throughout the entire scene. But I can tell that she’s thinking until she looks at him direct about 2:40 into the clip. But then goes back to look out ahead until he says caroline. By the end of the clip she gives him lots of eye contact back. By the second clip she is ignored by the clients in the bar. Then when he walks in everyone seems to know him and greet him. She tries to step up her game when she seems him and he gives her straight eye contact. As soon as the regular person comes into sing she ha
  8. 1. I think that with this clip it shows the lighter side of life and I mostly say that due to the lighting on Miss Held for the song. The lighting is simple and there are really no shadows at all making her look bright and happy on the stage and in the dressing room. I would also say the lyrics are come and play with me in her song that she sings. Generally overall with musicals there is almost this expectation that they are supposed to show the lighter side of life even if that means showing it more than reality. 2. I would see themes that everything is fine and we're all happy here in
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