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  1. Same time as you! I remember singing the songs, and had the soundtrack memorized. It was part of my growing up also. Would watch it whenever it came on TV. Still sing all the songs when it comes on. I try to harmonize like the cast, but with more disastrous results. I love the songs, and the "hippie Fame kids", great way to word it. (smile) And Walter3rd, you are not alone!
  2. I am still tracking mine as there are still quite a few on my DVR. (smile) But keeping tracking and putting a few notes on each. Thanks for sharing what you did!
  3. Hope we get the numbers, would love to see how many of us enrolled and completed. This has been an amazing experience!
  4. Well said! Was hoping for so much with La La Land and was underwhelmed. Then I saw "The Greatest Showman" and it blew me away! I was surprised there was no discussion on that film yet. And to think both movies had songs by Pasek and Paul. La La Land and Greatest Showman are so different. To bring up one more movie, I always loved Newsies (in both formats) and seeing the Broadway performance in the movie theaters was awesome. I am so glad they did that. Was hoping that would spark a trend also. Perhaps Fathom events could record a Broadway performance and release it to the greater public. It is a dream of mine to see a live performance in New York, but until then I would love to see the performance in any type of format.
  5. I thought this way would have been cool also. I so hate for the class to end! There is still so much to cover.
  6. Thanks for helping understand what to do with the badges. I saved them for just in case. I like your ideas "crysalong". Curious about week 4 badge also. Are we not getting one because we get the completion certificate? Will keep watching this thread for a response.
  7. Agreed! Hope to still visit the message boards and see what this great group is chatting about! I have loved this experience! You have a great summer too!
  8. I hear ya, me too! Hoping to still get through some more of the musicals over the next couple weeks. Glad most of my other DVR'd shows are on hiatus.
  9. 1. That is a tough call, her performance in the film being reflective suits the movie more. I don’t think being more expressive would work. It further demonstrates her apprehensive love of Nicky, you can feel her being swept away, but unsure. The song draws attention to that point. I think sung any other way would be too much for the scene and purpose. 2. Their placement during the song is key, how they move towards, and away from each other at points. It shows the multiple layers to their relationship. Fanny’s stance is more open, like willing and ready to love someone, while Nicky almost seems to just be watching in the shadows, although he does join Fanny and moves in closer. 3. Many of these points are covered in my #2 answer, but these techniques are key to the movie as a whole. The direction and editing create a scene and further reinforces Fanny’s singing and emotions. The shots are able to bring us in and confirm more of the character’s feelings and motivations.
  10. 1. I have not seen Gaslight, but I watched A Star is Born during this class. One common theme is the focus on the actor. Both actors, James Mason and Judy Garland were largely featured, there were closeups and moments when both could shine and emote what they were feeling at that moment. You felt their triumph or anguish, it was evident. There were moments where the actors could really act out their part. Many musicals simply skimmed that piece, not all, but many did. So many also had more happy-go-lucky themes. In My Fair Lady, there are many of the same shots, you see the light and darkness reflected on the actor’s faces. You see what they are feeling. Even with completely unaware Professor Higgins. You see Eliza’s realization of her place in his world. 2. There are many moments in the Daily Dose scene that demonstrates Cukor’s care for the actors. The use of lighting on Eliza and the professor. Their movement in the room, how they interact with the furniture and more mundane, yet symbolic objects, like the Professor’s slippers. The clothing they are in, and the emotions they are sharing that are carefully framed. The use of close ups at pivotal points and having both actors in the frame to show the very different way they are reacting to specific phrases. How statements made by the Professor cause Eliza to react one way, and further shows the Professor’s indifference. 3. I mentioned this in #2, but truly contrasting Eliza and the Professor’s reactions. Letting us view their acting skills while also making it visually obvious as to each other’s character. You see the big differences visually through the actors themselves, as well as with the lighting, setting and actor’s placement to set the tone.
  11. Does anyone know what is meant by "bundles"? I didn't see any when I followed the link. Are they under a specific tab? Thanks!
  12. Love the "Portobello Road" scene in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Great call out!
  13. Great topic! My faves are: Hunchback of Notre Dame - "Out There", "Bells of Notre Dame". Some has already posted about this one, agree completely, love Stephen Schwartz! Prince of Egypt - the music on this soundtrack is amazing! It reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof. Prince of Egypt also has great vocal talent singing the songs. "Through Heaven's Eyes" is my favorite! Stephen Schwartz again! I think I sense a pattern. (smile) Grew up loving Jungle Book and Aristocats, jazzy and cool! New favorites include: "How Far I'll Go" and "We know the Way" - Moana "A Whole New World" - Aladdin "I'll Make a Man out of You" - Mulan "Go the Distance" - Hercules Not Disney, but also the songs from Rankin/Bass Christmas specials - "Put One Foot in Front of Another" and "Heat Miser/Cold Miser" song. I think I will stop now. Love this topic!
  14. I am with you on this one. This is by far my favorite. The sheer epic-ness of the musical score, the lyrics! I love "Out There", and the sheer soaring melody and singing in "Bells of Notre Dame". Agree 100%!
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