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  1. Same time as you! I remember singing the songs, and had the soundtrack memorized. It was part of my growing up also. Would watch it whenever it came on TV. Still sing all the songs when it comes on. I try to harmonize like the cast, but with more disastrous results. I love the songs, and the "hippie Fame kids", great way to word it. (smile) And Walter3rd, you are not alone!
  2. I am still tracking mine as there are still quite a few on my DVR. (smile) But keeping tracking and putting a few notes on each. Thanks for sharing what you did!
  3. Hope we get the numbers, would love to see how many of us enrolled and completed. This has been an amazing experience!
  4. Well said! Was hoping for so much with La La Land and was underwhelmed. Then I saw "The Greatest Showman" and it blew me away! I was surprised there was no discussion on that film yet. And to think both movies had songs by Pasek and Paul. La La Land and Greatest Showman are so different. To bring up one more movie, I always loved Newsies (in both formats) and seeing the Broadway performance in the movie theaters was awesome. I am so glad they did that. Was hoping that would spark a trend also. Perhaps Fathom events could record a Broadway performance and release it to the great
  5. I thought this way would have been cool also. I so hate for the class to end! There is still so much to cover.
  6. Thanks for helping understand what to do with the badges. I saved them for just in case. I like your ideas "crysalong". Curious about week 4 badge also. Are we not getting one because we get the completion certificate? Will keep watching this thread for a response.
  7. Agreed! Hope to still visit the message boards and see what this great group is chatting about! I have loved this experience! You have a great summer too!
  8. I hear ya, me too! Hoping to still get through some more of the musicals over the next couple weeks. Glad most of my other DVR'd shows are on hiatus.
  9. 1. That is a tough call, her performance in the film being reflective suits the movie more. I don’t think being more expressive would work. It further demonstrates her apprehensive love of Nicky, you can feel her being swept away, but unsure. The song draws attention to that point. I think sung any other way would be too much for the scene and purpose. 2. Their placement during the song is key, how they move towards, and away from each other at points. It shows the multiple layers to their relationship. Fanny’s stance is more open, like willing and ready to love someone, whil
  10. 1. I have not seen Gaslight, but I watched A Star is Born during this class. One common theme is the focus on the actor. Both actors, James Mason and Judy Garland were largely featured, there were closeups and moments when both could shine and emote what they were feeling at that moment. You felt their triumph or anguish, it was evident. There were moments where the actors could really act out their part. Many musicals simply skimmed that piece, not all, but many did. So many also had more happy-go-lucky themes. In My Fair Lady, there are many of the same shots, you see the light and da
  11. Does anyone know what is meant by "bundles"? I didn't see any when I followed the link. Are they under a specific tab? Thanks!
  12. Love the "Portobello Road" scene in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Great call out!
  13. Great topic! My faves are: Hunchback of Notre Dame - "Out There", "Bells of Notre Dame". Some has already posted about this one, agree completely, love Stephen Schwartz! Prince of Egypt - the music on this soundtrack is amazing! It reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof. Prince of Egypt also has great vocal talent singing the songs. "Through Heaven's Eyes" is my favorite! Stephen Schwartz again! I think I sense a pattern. (smile) Grew up loving Jungle Book and Aristocats, jazzy and cool! New favorites include: "How Far I'll Go" and "We know the Way" - Moan
  14. I am with you on this one. This is by far my favorite. The sheer epic-ness of the musical score, the lyrics! I love "Out There", and the sheer soaring melody and singing in "Bells of Notre Dame". Agree 100%!
  15. Love this topic, thanks for starting post! Agree with "Wanna be like you", and Everybody wants to be a cat". So jazzy and fun! These were my faves as a kid and still make me happy today. My new faves are "Hunchback of Notre Dame", love, love, love the music! Love Stephen Schwartz! And "Prince of Egypt", beautifully music and songs.
  16. 1. I feel the characters are more nuanced. The characters in the 20-30’s seemed to be specific “characters”, they were playing a gangster, or a big-wig. They were being a stereotype of either the bad guy or good guy. In the 40s, the roles are shaking off some of the stereotypes, but filling them in with the patriotic good buy, the team player. This decade’s character is a hard worker, steadfast and true. This is what drives them forward, and you really don’t know much else about them. The 50s is the decade of social norms, you have “buddies”, the attractive ladies’ man, and his comic re
  17. 1. Love this movie! It harkens back with the song and the vaudeville stage. The acts and the way the show is cast. It looks to be a Variety Show with multiple acts, and perhaps shows some of the behind scenes favoritism by theatre owner. I love how Mama Rose just completely “disrupts” the performance. She just takes over and knows the workings of sound, lighting and staging. She physically disrupts and takes over to ensure her girls are featured, well, Baby June at least. It previews to the audience that the old way won’t stay that way for long, that changes are coming. We watch this
  18. 1. That is a tough question, I think keeping it realistic for the majority of the movie makes the ending ballet more wonderful. It is so over the top and stylized, I fear if the movie was this way the whole time, the ending ballet would just blend in and lose some of its dramatic effect. The dream sequences throughout the film use the stylized approach and it is just enough to see into the characters’ minds. 2. I have not finished watching the movie yet, but I think Jerry goes back and forth between being likeable and unlikeable. They use his interactions with the children
  19. 1. Love the pre-dance part also, the professor reciting his tongue-twisters, that lead to clapping and twirling the professor around, then right into the number. The dance is staccato and fast paced too. The rhythm seems to build naturally into the song. The dance number is spectacular! 2. The straight man is definitely the butt of the joke, the one getting teased. It is all done playfully, but he is the one being mocked. He is stiff, and very serious. Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor are the fun, creative types who totally take advantage of his seriousness. The professor stays i
  20. 1. Calamity Jane definitely fits into the Tomboy or Street-Smart female role. Because the story takes place in the frontier, she has an added wild, tomboy, frontier and physical presence to her character. She is not timid, constantly fighting to be one of the guys in all things. They accept her in some pieces, but not the same type of respect. I have always enjoyed this movie, being a tomboy in real life. I identified with Calamity Jane and felt a kinship as a young girl. (still do) Calamity gets things done and isn’t afraid to be herself. However, being a more feminine version is very d
  21. 1. The 4 characters come from different backgrounds, still tied to the theatre, but different focuses. They also all have varied motivations about why they want to do the musical. The 2 writers are all set, the serious director is on board and has a vision, but they need to convince the top billed dancer/actor. The song sets the tone for the idea to come to life. It brings in many sight gags and jokes, but still ties the characters together in one common goal. The song is a way to has out what they want to accomplish and where they each stand. This is different than earlier musicals beca
  22. 1. The initial scene by the bed demonstrates her devotion to her husband, and her willingness to always be by his side. In the laundry scene, looks like Joe is still healing and Petunia is going about her everyday chores. The outside laundry scene seems to more the continuation, the day to day support. Petunia seems to be the backbone and heart of the relationship. Love this song and Ethel’s singing of it. Makes me smile when she sings, like I can feel her joy through her expressions and the words. 2. I think the song could still work for a child, but the way in which it is sung
  23. 1. This number is very, clean, precise and has a staccato feel. The editor would have to have a keen sense of the music, choreography and background sound to really punctuate each piece of the number. It would not be easy. The dance has so many “stop” moments, that if not mixing correct, could fall flat. This was beautifully done knowing what all was involved in the finished product. It is amazing the tracks sync so well on these films, I never knew what was happening behind the scenes. 2. I have found that aspect the most interesting in the early musicals, the ones I grew up the
  24. The movies in the first 2 weeks of class are new discoveries for me. I have enjoyed the class lectures to help me look for new details and watch with a different eye. This has helped the experience for me. The movies this week have a lot of my faves, but I am really looking forward to catching the ones I have not watched before - Pal Joey and A Star is Born. As much as I love Judy Garland, I have never seen A Star is Born. This class is eye-opening and is adding to my list of faves. Really enjoying each movie, having a hard time getting them all in.
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