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  1. Although the dialog was in French, we could follow the scene by the props and the staging. The very loud "pop" of the gun drew a crowd, the door handle jiggling added suspense, the second "pop" of the gun and the cheeky grin of Chevalier. When he returned the gun to the drawer, it implied that this scene had been played out before. The garter and the zipping of the dress were a hint of a sexual nature, while the gun was a bit scandalous.
  2. In the first clip, Rose Marie is indifferent to the Sergeant, until he starts to sing. You can see her thinking, "oh, he can sing...I wonder if he plays an instrument...hmmm", because, as all women know, if he can sing AND play, we are but putty. The two have an unspoken attraction; a look from across the room, their eyes meet, oh no, look away, is he still looking?, look back and on and on. They "fall in love" without ever having to touch or even speak to one another.
  3. I agree that the overall upbeat and carefree attitude was probably not the perspective of the viewing audience, but isn't that why we go to the movies? To leave all our troubles at the door and delve into a world of make believe? What woman wouldn't want an anonymous suitor to send her a ridiculous expensive bouquet? ("thousands of franks")
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