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  1. Gold Diggers of 1933, I thought, was just a musical revue and never bothered with it before this class. While the story was pretty cheesy, the closing with the 7-minute My Forgotten Man production was a shining moment for me. Can't get the tune out of my head.
  2. I see we have a topic that gained 7,094 views as of right now. I think it's the highest total so far and is the Ziegfeld Daily Dose. I know I've stopped in that forum several times in the past 10 days and I'm guessing others check back, too. So when you filter out repeat visits and add in people who didn't comment, that 7,000 could be way off the mark. I'm curious. How many of us are there? I know people can keep adding in for a while but it would be nice to know. Dr. Ament?
  3. As a movie of its time, it sweetly shows Petunia's devotion -- and general love of life -- embedded in love for Joe. Her singing is almost precious, beauty to behold. But as I watch it in 2018, two sharp points keep sticking me in the side: 1. Petunia is a woman who loves too much. 2. Such blind devotion to a man or a country, regardless of behavior/politics, is a dangerous thing. Fidelity has its costs.
  4. Too true; what Esther did was captivating, athletic and musical. But different from the more conventional song-and-dance women. Maybe that's why this film is included. I remember running to the tv as a kid to watch the synchronized swimming she did, and I only guess that that was well before synchronized swimming was an Olympic sport. So I didn't mean to diss her, but with the wealth of good musicals to choose from, I'm still wondering how it made the cut.
  5. Kind of surprised by this pick for our class. Doesn't sound in today's video that it has much of a plot, and neither Esther nor Red can be accused of being musical performers. Apparently not much chemistry among the performers either. Seems like a curve ball that may have squeezed a more compelling movie out of the way
  6. Hitchcock and Film Noir and I missed them both??? Pah-LEEZE find a way to put them into reruns at least.
  7. Bali Ha'i. Love the melody, which I started banging out badly on piano about 48 years ago. Doesn't seem that long because I can remember the notes.
  8. Fantasia! Ah, yes. I was mesmerized when I first saw it -- in a slightly altered state -- from the first row of the theater. I know critics and maybe audiences didn't swoon when it was released and it's a bit long but dancing elephants, Mickey and the buckets, so much more! Thanks, Walt & Co. fantasia.htm
  9. I see lots of traffic on musicals and songs that people don't like. I'm equally interested in what you DO like, best, second best or whatever. I think it would tell me a bit about who we in the class are. Here are a couple of each that I like: Musical: Sound of Music (maybe because it's the first I ever saw at a theater) Oliver (maybe because my sister was in the cast of her high school production) Sister Act (because Whoopi is funny) Songs: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Sunrise, Sunset If I Loved You
  10. Glad I watched it. True, the sisters couldn't sing or dance but Eddie wasn't all that much more talented. I liked the splendor of the costumes, Hank's stamina and the idea that it was the first musical. Was surprised at how long it was, and how Hank didn't seem destined for a happy ending. Saw it, don't need to see it again.
  11. I loved Carousel. And Showboat (except Kathryn Grayson's singing) and Music Man and West Side Story and all the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers romps and so many more. Yep, there are some bad numbers in musicals (I'm thinking Danny Kaye et al in that weird one in White Christmas) but none that I'd say I hate, hate, hate. Must be something wrong with me.
  12. Deanna Durbin and Jeannette McDonald -- their singing not really my thing.
  13. I should have taken the course before I took the test! I'll remember that next time but am okay with my 7/10.
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