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  1. Here's my 2 cents worth. I have seen many musicals on stage and off. But if I didn't like the play but loved the music, I bought the sound track. That way I could sing along and not worry about the rest of the play. One of my favorite musicals is fairly recent--WICKED! Saw it on stage 6 times and loved every m,inute. Don't know what they will do to it when they make into a movie. More recent is--THE GREATEST SHOWMAN! I am not a fan of Hip Hop but you don't even notice it in the movie. The sound track is wonderful to work out to. Terrible musical number would be from Camelot with Richard H
  2. I agreed, tho I love Shirley and she was closer to the age of Dorothy, Judy carried the movie and did a wonderful job with the song!
  3. You missed it because I was singing along! As a child I had a yellow 45 record with 4 songs on it. It was great until my brother sat on it and broke it. Imagine what it would be worth today!
  4. Love the movie but found an error in the syllabus about when Margaret Hamilton was burned. It was not during the melting scene but the descent in Munchkin land. She accidentally caught on fire and was burned. I took a History of Movies class and we had to study this movie. It was interesting how they did the tornado too. ENJOY!
  5. 1. J.M. is trying not to get involved with E.N. because she is in pursuit of her brother who is wanted by the Mounties. But she is very attracted to him. E.N. is drawn to her sophistication and demur attitude. Trying to woo her is almost impossible because her mind is on her brother. 2. I have seen all their movies but only together. They have chemistry and appeal. 3. The relationships of the time were depicted as chaste and pure. Real life was quite different at the time when people took pleasure where they could find it. The NORMS under the Hollywood Film Code required purity, chas
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