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  1. I don’t see this clip as exactly representing a “battle of the sexes”, but more as a progression point between the more traditional gender roles of earlier filmed musicals (Jeannette Macdonald is a good example of the classic “feminine passive” role) and the newer, more modern roles that women were beginning to play in society during the Great Depression. Although the generally socially-accepted foundation of traditional gender roles is present, there are starting to be visible changes within that system. She’s wearing a version of a man’s suit instead of a long, flowing dress of silk and la
  2. Ernst Lubitsch is one of the great directors that I haven’t gotten into yet, although there are many of his movies that I’d love to see. Recently, I’ve watched “The Merry Widow” and “To Be Or Not To Be”, both of which were sensational. It makes a lot of sense that he is transitioning from silent films in “The Love Parade”, and that that would be the reason for his inventive use of (or reliance on) visual cues like props. I’m reminded of Hitchcock here, because he was another great director who started working in the silent film era and found clever ways to use visual cues to bring the audie
  3. I was sick for part of this week with the flu, so I still have a couple of modules to catch up on. I’m confused as to whether this quiz has to be completed today or can be taken at a later date - I could be ready to take it on Monday. Does anyone know? I’d like to get the Certificate for the course, so I don’t want to miss this quiz. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ?? - Caitlin Rose
  4. I’m looking forward to watching this film (Rose-Marie). It was funny to watch Jeanette make fun of the other woman’s way of singing and dancing in the second clip! It’s apparent from this bar scene that although she has a great range and technique as a singer, she doesn’t have the trendy “cool girl” aesthetic or dance moves of the other girl, who seems more modern in her way of dressing, moving and singing (and is also better at figuring out what the audience wants. Poor Jeannette! ive only seen her act and sing in one other movie: “Love Me Tonight” (1932) with (I almost said “avec” s
  5. Hi all, this is my first class using the forums here. I posted my answer to the first Daily Dose a few days ago (as its own thread; I didn’t see this thread to post it under), and I can’t find it anywhere on the message boards now. If someone sees my response to this, can they let me know? I wanted to copy and paste it here. Thanks! - Caitlin Rose
  6. (Note: I was sick earlier this week, so I’m just catching up on this now.) Since I became interested (and later somewhat obsessed with!) early Hollywood and pre-code films, I’ve been wanting to see “The Great Ziegfeld”. I became aware of Luise Rainer’s great acting ability after watching a clip from her film “Dramatic School” a few years ago, in which she first seems unable to act and somewhat bored while in an acting class, but then when challenged, acts up a storm at the drop of a hat, surprising both her class and the us, the audience! I then looked Rainer up online and read about ho
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