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  1. Given cultural focus is your forte, I would think movies with the theme of developing the west might be a good focus? Movies like Jeremiah Johnson?
  2. Thank you so much for this resource! I just looked it up and it looks AWESOME! I would really love a Westerns course too! PLEASE make sure to include McCabe & Mrs. Miller! :0 )
  3. I LOVE this idea! Great one! Maybe do more obscure actors/actresses who were important to genre but never got enough recognition (like Donald O'Connor)
  4. The first thing that was a wonderful surprise was that I managed to have 18 year olds fall in love with "old" movies! One even said, "I was dreading having to watch a silent film but I loved it so much!" The movie was "IT" with Clara Bow. Yes- each movie was distinct in its ability to challenge or support a current trend of the 20th century decade we explored. And YES - Letty Lynton and The Women were my choices for the 30s. Bonnie & Clyde, Cabaret (one of the biggest fashion trendsetters ever) and The Great Gatsby did not count because their stories were of a different time period wh
  5. Thank you so much for the tip! I really need to add this movie to my list of Must Sees!! Interestingly enough my last tap teacher (who was also amazing) about 10 years ago studied with the Nicholas Brothers. She reported one of them was pretty lecherous - to the extent that he hid her tap shoes so she had to go back to his apartment to get them!
  6. Thoughts on this for a course? I taught a fashion & film course last year and surprised myself at how interesting the topic was while introducing college freshmen to 20th Century movies. It was a great success! My criteria was that the film had to made IN the era ABOUT the era so current day fashion could be assessed. Students used a fashion history book as a guide for comparison. I did 8 movies for 8 decades starting in the Teens ( boy! were they hard to choose!) - however when I got to the 40s I just could not pick so I had a list of 8 films and broke my students into groups. I
  7. In Boston, (home of the beginnings of the revolution,) we are hosting Rita Moreno for the Fourth! "She Likes to Be in America!!" And our event always ends with the Boston Pops doing the 1812 Overture on the Harbor at the Hatchshell with fireworks over the water. Its gorgeous and compelling and even in our current conflicted political atmosphere makes you feel so proud to be American.
  8. Yes Yes Yes....Thank you!! As an online educator I must say you made this course extremely easy to navigate while having a lot of fun learning! Plus -I can absolutely appreciate the complete ton of work that went in to this. I hope at the end of this day you feel it was worth every minute. You were great - thank you so very much!! PS - You chose OUTSTANDING musicals to illustrate your points and research. Kudos!
  9. The use of sound, staging, more attention to director' individual style, how the music is used - what may be the intended message. Great course. So worth the time.
  10. Kind of like the sound testing scene in "Singing in the Rain"
  11. Im super disappointed I could not get this to work. It would have been nice to know the Chrome requirements before going in. But even as I tried to download Chrome before the lecture - when completed it would not work even with w restart. Very disappointed...
  12. How might Streisand’s performance of the song “People” have felt different in the film, had she been more theatrical and expressive, perhaps even belting her song more? It was interesting to listen and watch this scene through the question's lens and compare it to the released pop version. Here we have Streisand articulating her reflected thoughts and for her almost speaking the lyrics. The volume and emotion relate directly to the story line and is within the context of the current mood. The pop version is where she gets to an opportunity to perform her signature over-emotional belting o
  13. Thank you @ Stephan55! LMHO as I just saw at the top of this page is the schedule with it's very own tab! I just want it on the app so I can check it quickly every day.
  14. Me too...(I hate Rex Harrison.). Wendy Hiller is so fabulous in this version and Leslie Howard so much more believable. No offense, Audrey - I still love you !
  15. I was very disappointed in the lecture notes today. A list of movies does not really say a lot without a little more context and discussion. Almost anyone can make a list these days with google. The lecture video was awesome - but the notes were lame.... Sorry.....
  16. Explore any common themes and filmmaking techniques in a very different movie also directed by George Cukor, Gaslight. (If you are not familiar withGaslight, compare and contrast Cukor's theme in this scene and his techniques with another musical you have seen during this course) It's interesting to look at footage through the lens of understanding Cukor's personal circumstances. Both movies - MFL & GL - have a tortured, frustrated female emoting to a cold, assumedly uncaring male character that continually insists that the woman is incorrect and overreacting. The women are being pat
  17. Although streaming on a device is a nice option for some - I just want to see what's on for the week or month. I totally do not understand removing the schedule. Bad Bad choice...... Thanks for posting "Bette Davis" :0 )
  18. Anyone getting songs stuck in their head after watching all these musicals?? Even though I love the song....Please make "Isn't it a Lovely Day" STOPPPP!!!!
  19. AMEN!!! YOU BEAT ME TO IT!!! Also my all-time favorite story!! thank you so much for sharing the clips!!
  20. As you look back to the masculine performances in musicals of past decades, what changes in male representation, and performance would you say are most noticeable? There seems to be less of an effort by male characters to take control in an overt, aggressive way. There is less bullying/strong arming which served to put women in their cultural place especially through song. Preston is a great example of this change as he smoothly, cleverly takes control of the scene (and situation) with both of these characters. One might argue it then may be construed as manipulative but I find it to be m
  21. I really enjoyed the lecture on Monday. Really well done. Really loving Gary Rydstrum. Thank you
  22. Im having trouble finding the daily schedules? Not liking this new app AT ALL....
  23. In what ways does this scene look backwards to classical musicals and how does it look ahead to new disruptions that we now know will happen in the movie musical? The theme of backstage/back story through the times of vaudeville directly reflect films made in the 30s. Im not sure though how it "looks ahead" as I see this film as business as usual for movie musicals. Sets and costumes are lusher - but not sure how this illustrates the disruption that will surface. This is the introduction of Mama Rose in the film. Comment on Rosalind Russell’s entrance and performance especially as a
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